Other Sheep in Kathmandu, Nepal, August 2014

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Steve Parelli and Jose Ortiz were in Kathmandu, Nepal, from Friday evening of August 1 until Friday afternoon of August 15, 2014.  They stayed at the Gokarna Forest Resort on the outskirts of Kathmandu.

(1) Blogs on our Experiences and Events in Nepal


Youth group at churchHow a church in Nepal is responding positively to ‘Third Gender’ and other sexually marginalized
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Blog Subheadings:

Unexpected things happen once on the ground
A Christian activist from our former 2011 trip to Nepal
Biking to church on our scooter
Meeting and talking with the pastor, his son and the Christian activisit
An unexpected open door to present our ministry
Introducing ourselves to the congregation
Briefly presenting Other Sheep to the congregation
Openly sharing our story with the youth group
Discussing the Bible and homosexuality the next day
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Bike - Stee and Jose with mask
The ups-and-downs of bringing to Nepal the book “The Children Are Free” in Nepalese
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Blog Subheadings

Hiring the services of our first translation for the book The Children Are Free
The translation of my “ex-gay” paper into Nepalese
The need for, and the failure to find, Christian translators
Looking for a Christian editor to editor the first-draft of the translation
Rescheduling the publication deadline; Re-focusing our 2014 Nepal visit
Through networking with Blue Diamond Society, Jose finds a possible translator/editor
Arriving at our resort in Katmandu – exhausted and back log work from being a month in Africa
Shifting our appointment coincidently opens a door of opportunity
Travelling to our appointment – we transport ourselves by scooter
A successful meeting between the translator/editor and Other Sheep
Feelings and emotions – making memories together – it’s the scooter we’ll laugh about
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From causal strangers to Christian leaders – how Nepal is responding to us as gay and married
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Blog Subheadings:

An example of our typical conversation with strangers
We fully introduce ourselves by saying we are “husband and husband”
“How do you feel about meeting a married gay couple for the first time,” I ask
From puzzlement to acceptance – the various responses we get in Nepal from strangers upon learning we are a gay, married couple
The gap in awareness in Nepal
“Only in the movies”
Blue Diamond Society – and other gay affirming organizations in Nepal
Reportedly, a Nepalese Pentecostal pastor says “I’ll have nothing to do with them”
Christian leaders in Nepal can be openly “hateful” on the one hand, to somewhat openly accepting on the other
Christian leaders who either accepted us or showed honest interest in exploring acceptance during our 2014 visit to Nepal
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(2) Facebook Photo Albums on
our Experiences and Events in Nepal


w One girl we metPeople of Nepal, 2014
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Strangers we met along the way in Nepal who took interest in Jose and me for one reason or another, during our visit to Kathmandu, August 1 – 15, 2014.

Local Pentecostal church in Nepal offers a place of acceptanceClick here

This Christian activist reports that the church leaders of this Katmandu, Nepal, congregation are welcoming and accepting. And apparently so, Jose Oriz and I (Stephen Parelli) having met and talked with the pastor and his co-laboring son. Pictures are posted with permission

(3) Educational Materials used in Nepal

Is There Really Such a Thing as Ex-gay (in Nepalese) Click here
The Children Are Free (the digital English copy)
PowerPoint on Sodom and Gomorrah Click here
PowerPoint on malakos and arsenokoites Click here


Funds for these activities were provided for, in part, by E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation.


This page was created in, and published to the Internet from, the Bronx, New York, on September 3, 2014.

Photo at left:  Very tiny, tiny flowers found growing wild in Gokarna, Nepal.


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