My Journey as viewed through My Writings – Rev. Stephen Parelli

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For a Topical Index of Writings (2006-2012) by Rev. Stephen Parelli, as listed on his classic (former) Other Sheep Exec Site website, click here.

My Journey

towards self-acceptance as a gay man
as portrayed through some of my writings


Steve square

Rev. Stephen Parelli, Martinique, 2012.

The “You-are-Dead-to-Us” Evangelical Faith of My Parents

The parents that birthed me and taught me my first lessons in the evangelical faith are now my greatest detractors:  Their “personal/relational” Jesus of total ostracism has no appeal to me.

My own Baptist-preacher father: “They should all be hung!” (March 18, 2104)

What religion is this that loves but does not love? PDF (January 24 and 25, 2013)

Approaching the Bible through the hermeneutics of my
Theological Education (ThB, MDiv)

In the pursuit of my quest to possibly reconcile homosexuality with the Bible by using the hermeneutics (science of interpretation) of my seminary training, my mind has been opened to the consideration of the plausibility of theological ideas outside of the box of my evangelical education.  Nonetheless, here I show, by using the evangelical approach to the interpretation (hermeneutics) of Scripture, how one can “Biblically” argue that same-sex relationships are not condemned in the sacred texts.

Talking Points – What you need to know and say when they say: “But the Bible clearly condemns homosexuality!” (June 2012; revised March 2013)

My Own Experience, My Starting Point

This is, of course, anathema to evangelicals, that is, to start with one’s own experience as the measure of truth, rather than to start with the Bible.  One day, it literally dawned on me, like an epiphany of sorts: “What if the church is wrong!” about homosexuality, which makes the point: When starting with the Bible as one’s “final authority in all things,” whose Bible (whose interpretation of the Bible) are we starting with?  So then, let me start with what I do know: myself, my sexual orientation.

A Theology and Ethics of Homosexuality: A digest of an article by James B. Nelson (June, 2012)

But yes, I had seriously tried (before any of the above)
the whole “Ex-gay” thing

And simply put, it doesn’t work.1  The evangelical “ex-gay” movement is, in my estimation, a huge monument to the general overall bankruptcy of evangelicalism as a viable Jesus-can-change-you faith, that “Jesus is the answer” to everything, and that Jesus is all one needs.

Is There Really Such a Thing As Ex-gay? PDF (June 2006)

So obviously, I’ve taken a long hard, critical look at the evangelical faith

It has been my experience, overall, that people – whatever their ‘brokenness’ – who embrace evangelicalism as their sole (or primary) touchstone for growth and change, don’t really change.  People already posses, prior to any conversion experience and so called “growth in grace,” certain skills, temperaments, characteristics and attributes that come to portray them as more or less “spiritual.”  These are attributes they obtained (or failed to obtain) like anyone else – through development, environment, giftedness, influence, habit, education, mentoring, hard work, perseverance, etc.

Dish Soap Theology and the Dover Train (2012)


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    • Document. “Is There Really Such A Thing as Ex-gay?” by Steve Parelli.
    • Document. Spanish translation of “Is There Really Such A Thing as Ex- gay?” by Steve Parelli
    • Published. “Why ex-gay therapy doesn’t work,” by Steve Parelli.  The Gay & Lesbian Review.  (A shorter version without footnotes and bibliography of “Is There really such a thing as ex-gay?”)
    • Introduction.  “Is There Really Such a Thing as Ex- gay?”  Introduction of the 8 observations of the ex-gay myth.
    • Primary Source. What ex- gay proponents say in their own words without commentary.
    • Christianity Today Article by Tim Stafford.  Article attempts to vindicate ex- gay, but only exposes the myth of ex-gay – – see our highlighted segments of the article.
    • Aired on TV Ex-gay paper aired on TV in Paraguay
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    • Buenos Aires
    • Paraguay
    • Uruguay
    • Nepal -Blue Diamond Society
    • Ex-gay Paper – “Is There Really Such a Thing as Ex- gay?” used as part of a course curriculum
    • Latin American Biblical University, San Jose, Costa Rica; see Other Sheep e-news article.
    • Personal How Steve Parelli and Jose Ortiz Met:  An Ex- Ex-gay love story.
    • Testimonial  The Ex-Gay support group of Calvary Baptist Church, Manhattan, New York — their  bogus claim to “so many individuals who have won the victory and gained a new freedom.”