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Jose Ortiz
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Chapultepec Castle
Mexico City
Summer 2005
Cupatitzio Gorge National Park
Uruapan,  Michoacan, Mexico
Summer 2005
Monte Alban,
Oaxaca, Mexico
Summer 2005
Faith and Queer
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NY Times on Gays
and Religion
Executive Director
Other Sheep
Why Ex-Gay Therapy Doesn’t
Stephen Parelli
Postmortem on a Baptist pastor’s
sincere attempt to change
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    Marriage ("They tore him apart!" reported a former
    60 Minute producer.)
  • A paper on the Ex-"ex-gay" movement which
    has been presented in seminars abroad and
    published by the Gay & Lesbian Review
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Rev. Michael
Jose Ortiz and Steve Parelli's
2008 ministry (July 4-August 5, 2008) in
Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.  
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Behind the Mask, is an online
news publication giving voice to
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Box Turtle Bulletin
IAM engages with the Church (Leadership - clergy and lay people, congregations and groups) in
South Africa through dialogue and training,  workshops and counselling, in their journey of
reconciling their sexuality with their spirituality.
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Above Photo:  A drag queen at the 2013 Lima, Pure, Gay Pride
Parade. Sources told me (Steve Parelli) that this individual use
to be on the staff of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.  In this photo,
she is holding a copy of The Children Are Free in Spanish
At left and below:
Jose Ortiz, left, and
Steve Parelli
in Bogota, Colombia,
August 2013