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Talking Points
What you need to know and say when they say:
“But the Bible clearly condemns homosexuality!”
Compiled and written* by Rev. Stephen Parelli
June, 2012; revised March 2013
This paper was first presented in Kampala, Uganda, in July of 2012, by the author, at two separate
conferences. Copies of the paper were made available to conference attendees.
Books and Web Sites Cited

Topic #1:  The
erroneous use of the
word “sodomite(s)” in
the 1611 King James
Bible (KJV; also
known as the AV –
Authorized Version)

Topic #2:  “The
Gen. 19 notorious
story of Sodom and
Gomorrah [is]
irrelevant to the topic”
of homosexuality

Topic #3:   Modern
Bible versions that
use the word
“homosexual(s)” or
“homosexuality” in its
translation of I Cor. 6:
9 and I Tim. 1:10 are
“driven more by
ideological interests
in marginalizing gay
and lesbian people”
than by scholarship

Topic #4:  Romans
1, probably the
passage most often
used to condemn
homosexuals, isn’t
about homosexuality

Topic #5:  Once the
context is
understood, it is clear
that Lev. 18:22 and
20:13  – that a man
should not lie with a
man – is not a
condemnation of

Topic #6:  The
reference in Jude 7 to
Sodom and
Gomorrah “going
after strange flesh” is
perhaps best
understand in light of
a first century legend

Books and Web
Sites Cited
This web page was created in the Bronx,
New York, and published from the Bronx, on
February 17, 2013.

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Note:  All the books and web sites cited in this paper are pro-LGBT except for Gagnon and Davies

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This paper was originally written for instructional purposes for the 2012 July-August summer ministry
of Other Sheep with Rev.Steve Parelli and Jose Ortiz for meetings in Uganda and St. Lucia. This
paper was revised, in March of 2013, with minor changes in its outline format and word structure for
clarity, not in its content.