__Tom Hanks__

Co-founder and
Director of Mission
of Other Sheep

Tom Hanks
in Buenos Aires,
pictures taken July, 2006
Walking distance from Tom's
apartment in Buenos Aires
Top Right Photo:
Interior, Anglican Church.  
Bottom Right Photo:
Steve Parelli (left) with Tom Hanks.
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. . . since we arrived in Buenos Aires 3 years ago (1986), I have been grappling
more in depth with the meaning of the Gospel for oppressed sexual minorities
(gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, etc.), who easily number more than 3 million in
greater Buenos Aires (with its population of some 10 million). Traditional
evangelical approaches, imposing the nuclear family as the norm (despite Jesus
and Paul’s liberating examples and teaching), leave such minorities untouched
and alienated. Growing involvement in ministry confirmed tentative conclusions
already reached from extensive reading and study of Scripture—that traditional
evangelical (and Catholic) approaches were tragically flawed and producing
disasterous results.
Rio de la Plata
Walking distance from Tom's
Photo at Left:
Angelo (left) a former Baptist pastor and
Victor (center) a Bible college graduate; both
found Other Sheep of Argentina a heaven for
"oppressed sexual minorites" left "alienated"
by "traditional evangelical approaches."
Far Left Photo:
United Methodist Church;
first Methodist Church in
South America.