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July 5 - 26, 2006
August  22 - 24, 2006
The Obelisk, Buenos Aires
Dedicated in 1936 on the 400th
anniversary of the first Spanish
settlement on the Rio De la
Plata, the Obelisk soars above
the Plaza de la Republica.  
-Lonely Planet
July 27 - 29, 2006
July 29 - August 3, 2006
August 9 - 17, 2006
August 18 - 22, 2006
During July and August of 2006,
Steve and Jose visited four countries
of South America for
Other Sheep:  
Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and
.  To learn more about their
trip, click on the links to the right.
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their trip,
Jose and Steve give a live 20
minute interview on a national TV
network, Monday, August 21, 2006,
Montevideo, Uruguay.

Steve and Jose on a live popular one-hour
national news TV talk show, Thursday, 11PM,
August  10, 2006, Asunción, Paraguay.
Here, Jose visits with Roberto, a fellow guest
panelist, before the broadcast begins.

During the first thirty segment of the one hour TV show, the
studio aired four different clips from the movie
with audio transcripts from Steve's paper "Is
There Really Such A Thing As Ex-Gay?"  
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Or, Start your tour of Steve and Jose's
summer trip here by following the arrow.  
Cover more than 4,300 miles with them.  
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Start the Tour
Crossing the Andes
Ami and Hector,
Asunción, Paraguay
Day Trip to the Falls from Asunción, Paraguay

    Marcelos Saenz
    Victor Bracuto
    Carlos Gasparini
    Nestor Saporiti
    Horacio Martinez
    G. Navarro-

    Juan Cornejo E.
    Frida (Working with
    those living with HIV /
          Patricio Le-Beuffe
                Ximena (Secretary)

    Simon Cazal
    Roberto Colman
    Humberto Rubin
    Moli Molina
    Simon Cazal
    Roberto Colman
    Anglican Bishop
    Baptist Church
    ABWE Missionary
    Kathryn Griess

    Dr. Dante Perez
    Graciela Delgado
    Aljandra Lopez
    F. Frontan
           Ana Maria Mizrahi