Steve Parelli and Jose Ortiz
Immediately following their wedding ceremony.   
Sacramento, California.  August 25, 2005.
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As we travelled in East Africa and Great Britain, we announced our
coming wedding in general conversation.  To our surprise, people
responded spontaneously with cheers, happy wishes, smiles and
glee -- as if their best friend had just announced a wedding.  
Photos at left:  Guildhall, Winchester, England.
August 20, 2008.
Above photo, left to right:  Ann Gonzalez,
Jose and Steve (both seated), and Jen
(Ann's daughter).  Monday morning,
August 25, 2008.
Photo at left, from left to right:  Steve
(standing) and Jose (seated), Jen, and
Jose Gonzalez (Jose's cousin).  Monday
morning, August 25, 2008
Above photo:  Jose Ortiz (left) and Steve Parelli
(right) with the Deputy Commissioner of Civil
Marriages (center) who officiated our ceremony
and the exchange of vows.  She pronounced us
"married."  Monday morning, August 25, 2008.
Photo at left:  
Jose (left) and
Steve (right)
holding the
marriage license.
Lunch, with family, at an Italian
restaurant, Elk Grove, California
Above photo, left to right:  Ann Gonzalez, Jose
and Steve, Jen (Ann's daughter), and Jose
Gonzalez.  Photo taken at the Sacramento court
house before the wedding ceremony.
No wedding cake plans?  No worry, Ann
Gonzalez and her daughter, Jen,  took care of
that and surprised us Monday evening with the
following wonderful wedding cake!
Photo at left:  
Steve and
Jose at the
court house
before the
Later that night, Ann and Jose and Jen sent us off to a room
in the Holiday Inn, Elk Grove, that they had presented us as a
wedding gift for our first night as a married couple.  They had
made the whole day very special!  Ann and Jen had decorated
                                                                            the room.
  • Thursday, August 21, 2008
  • We return to New York City after
    traveling in East Africa and Great
    Britain.  We had left New York
    City on July 2.
  • Friday, August 22, 2008
  • We fly to Sacramento, California;
    pick up our rental car and arrive
    at Ann and Jose's in Elk Grove.
  • Saturday, August 23, 2008
  • Steve works on a PowerPoint
    presentation of their East Africa
    trip to show at the City of
    Refuge, San Francisco
  • Sunday, August 24, 2008
  • We drive into San Francisco for
    the 1pm service of the City of
    Refuge at San Francisco
  • Monday, August 25, 2008
  • At 10:00am we arrive at the
    Sacramento court house with
    Ann and Jose and Jen
Jose relaxing at the pool
two days before our
Ann at the
Ann and Jose dancing,
Jen looking on
Steve upgrades
PowerPoint on East
Africa 2008. Original
showing was in
England, August 13,
Jose and Steve, at City of
Refuge, San Francisco,
show their PowerPoint on
East Africa 2008.
August 24, 2008
The only freedom
deserving the
name, is that of
pursuing our own
good in our own
way, so long as we
do not attempt to
deprive others of
theirs, or impede
their efforts to
obtain it.  Each is
the proper guard of
his own health,
whether bodily, or
mental and
spiritual.  Mankind
are greater gainers
by suffering each
other to live as
seems good to
themselves, than by
compelling each to
live as seems good
to the rest.

-John Stuart Mill
For Pride Sunday, June 2006, Rev. Flounder (front
center in above photo, and far right in photo at left)
spoke at The Riverside Church.  Here, she is
attending the Maranatha annual Pride breakfast.  
In photo at left, Jose Ortiz is giving her our Other
Sheep business card and introducing the ministry
of Other Sheep to her and specifically our first trip
to Africa (2006), just days away.  Her response:  
whenever we are in the San Francisco area to let
her know so that we could present our ministry to
her staff and ministers.
How we got to present East Africa
2008 to Rev. Flounder's church:
2006, Rev. Flounder gave Other Sheep
an open invitation when in the area of
San Francisco.  Steve wrote an email
from England:  "We'll be in Sacramento
go get married . . . can we speak?"
Photo at left:  
Rev. Flounder,
front center, at
The Riverside
Pride breakfast,
Pride Sunday
Rev.  Flounder, 2006
Rev.  Flounder, 2006
Jose Ortiz
_______________                                                                                                        _______________
The following is the
script from the quote/
photo at left:
Steve and Jose introduce themselves and Other Sheep from the pulpit at the
1pm Sunday afternoon service (Jose announces our wedding).  Following the
service about 25 people remain to view the PowerPoint on Other Sheep and
our two years (2007 and 2008) in East Africa.  San Francisco, California.
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