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“I have other sheep that are not of this
fold.  I must bring them in also.”  
John 10:16
Our long-awaited volume, The Queer
Bible Commentary (London: SCM /
Louisville: Westminster John Knox,
2006), with my chapters on Romans
and Hebrews, arrived in the USA just in
time for the convention in Washington,
DC of the American Academy of
Religion and the Society of Biblical
Literature, where we had a special
reception-celebration and sales went
very well. If it does as well as The
Women’s Bible Commentary, it will
prove to be a significant pioneering
work.   In the USA it may be ordered
from Westminster John Knox,
Louisville, and should be available in
many seminary book stores.
During the months of July and August, 2006, Steve and Jose
traveled to Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.  In Buenos
Aires (Argentina), Montevideo (Uruguay) and twice in Asuncion
(Paraguay), they presented a two-hour seminar on the USA
evangelical “ex-gay” movement (see article on page 4, “Executive
Director Critiques ‘Ex-Gay’ Movement”).  

In addition to these meetings they shared their personal
testimonies and information on Other Sheep in seven other group
settings, including a Roman Catholic house ministry in Buenos
Aires and a young MCC church in Santiago, Chile.  In Mendoza,
Argentina, Steve and Jose spent two days visiting with an
evangelical Baptist pastor of a congregation of 500 who had just
resigned a month earlier after openly coming out to his staff and
congregation.  For about a year he had been in touch with Other
Sheep in Argentina, looking for support in his coming-out process.  
Steve and Jose’s trip to Argentina occasioned his request for a
personal supportive visit.

Two gay journalists interviewed Steve and Jose for their respective
publications, one in Buenos Aires and one in Montevideo.  In
addition, Steve and Jose participated in a live one-hour national TV
talk show in Asuncion, in which Steve’s “ex-gay” paper was
featured as a voice-over to four clippings of the movie “Brokeback
Mountain.”  In Montevideo, Jose and Steve were interviewed live on
a national morning TV news show.

Steve and Jose’s Southern Cone trip can be viewed in more detail
on their website at
Your financial gift to The Steve and Jose’s 2007 Summer Ministry Fund will allow Steve and Jose to invest
July and August 2007 in visiting LGBTs in Africa.  Your Gift to
The Executive Director’s USA Travel Fund will
help Steve promote Other Sheep at conferences and churches.  Use the enclosed Gift Card and return
envelope to give your financial support to the vital work of Other Sheep.
Our foundation in Buenos Aires, Fundacion
Otras Ovejas de Argentina por la no
discriminacion, has its own website
(www. with documents and
books in Spanish, English--and now Portuguese,
thanks to the translation efforts of Rev. Gelson
Piber, MCC’s coordinator for church planting in
Recent additions include my commentaries on
John and 1 Corinthians, with a longer treatment of
the whole book of Romans than was possible for
The Queer   Bible   Commentary (which  focuses  
just  on Romans 1:18-2:16.
   In 2007 the foundation is planning to
inaugurate an annual lectureship, co-sponsored
by the MCC (Metropolitan Community Church)
CEGLA, a local gay Christian group.  We
already have a fantastic list of well known
lecturers-authors who are eager to come (more
on this soon).  We have already translated the
books of a number of key theologians and hope
to get them published and/or circulated online in
connection with their lectures.  

With tears in her eyes, Alice Nkom, an activist lawyer of
Cameroon, West Africa, thanked Steve as he placed in her
hands three different books from Other Sheep.  When he gave
her The Children Are Free her remark was unforgettable:  
“This is just what we need,” she said.  “My country is torn apart
over homosexuality because of religion.”  To her the battle for
equality must be fought along lines that include addressing the
errors that the church propagates.  Steve met Alice at the
2006 ILGA (International Lesbian and Gay Association) World
Conference meeting in Geneva, Switzerland in March last

Other attendees also responded with much appreciation.  A
psychologist from the Philippines told Steve that her gay and
lesbian clients from evangelical homes would be given this
book for their personal reading.  “I have nothing like this in
print to give them,” she said.  She eagerly received the book.  
A transgendered Australian lawyer received the book,
promising to deliver it to a clergy friend in ministry.  In addition
to Africa, the Philippines and Australia, copies of the book went
to individuals from China, Europe and Japan.

Pictures and comments from individuals who received the book
can be found at  In addition to
the book, individuals were advised of the Other Sheep website
where additional material can be found.
Other Sheep and Jesus Metropolitan
Community Church of Indianapolis,
Indiana, are working together to
distribute the book
The Children Are
by Rev. Jeff Miner and John Tyler
Connoley to contact points in Africa.  In
the spring of 2006, Steve Parelli, OS
executive director, met and shared the
book with many individuals from
around the world at the International
Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) in
Geneva, Switzerland (see related
article at right).  
Upon returning to the States and with
the help of Jose Ortiz, Other Sheep
coordinator for Africa, a committee was
formed in New York City to work
together with the co-operation of Jesus
MCC in the distribution of the book.   
The committee is in the process of
assessing the best way to distribute
the book by speaking directly with
contact persons in Africa.  Distribution
should begin sometime in 2007.
Fr. Donald Doherty, M.M., who served
as Pastoral Minister in Tanzania,
Africa, from 1968-1985, and did
pastoral work in Nairobi between 1997
and 2000, serves on the committee
with Steve, Jose and an anonymous
At the 58th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society,
Nov. 15-17, 2006, Washington, D.C., Steve Parelli presented his
paper “
How Baptist Doctrine May Obligate the Evangelical to View
Same-Sex Marriage as Primarily a Civil Matter and a Matter of  
Individual Conscience.”  

After examining the Baptist teaching of soul liberty, that one’s
conscience is subject to God first, even above any and all
ecclesiastical bodies, Steve’s paper argues that same-sex marriage is
a civil right to be left to the individual to choose or not to choose
according to the dictates of one’s own conscience.   

A published author and journalist who attended (name withheld)
wrote:  “That was one of the bravest things I've ever seen.  When they
attacked you, you didn't give ground. . . you held your own. . . .

The paper is posted at

In his recent article (June 2006), "Is
There Really Such A Thing As ‘Ex-
Gay’?",  Other Sheep Executive
Director Steve Parelli makes a
"smart and on-target analysis of the
‘ex-gay’ ministries" according to
Wayne Besen, author of the
popular exposé of the “ex-gay”
movement Anything But Straight

Parelli's testimony and argument,
woven together throughout his
critique of the “ex-gay” movement,
addresses questions about the
movement's assumptions on
gender roles, father hunger,  male
intimacy, physical touch, “life in
Christ,” and other related “ex-gay”
topics and “disciplines.”  

To    download   the   paper,  go    
to   the   author's  Other Sheep
website at
com and click on the link "A Paper:
An Evaluation of the ‘Ex-Gay’
Movement."  The paper is also
available in Spanish on the same
At the AWAB (Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists)
Northeastern regional meeting of February 2006, held at
Madison Ave. Baptist Church, New York City, Steve and Jose
were introduced to the pastors and a few members of Drexel Hill
Baptist Church, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania.    

Since that meeting, Steve and Jose have spoken twice at Drexel
Hill Baptist Church’s outreach ministry to gays and lesbians in
urban Philadelphia and twice at Drexel Hill Baptist Church itself,
both times presenting a study on the “clobber passages.”   

At their last meeting with Drexel Hill Baptist Church the pastors,
having witnessed their ministry, approached Steve and Jose
with the desire of re-ordaining Steve and licensing Jose to the
ministry to which they have been called.  
Other Sheep News is published quarterly by Other Sheep, a nonprofit, tax exempt Christian ministry.  Other Sheep
is Multicultural Ministries with Sexual Minorities, working world wide in an ever-expanding variety of languages,
cultures and LGBT concerns, to share the good news that God loves all gay, lesbian bisexual and transgendered
persons just as they are and calls them into inclusive, gay-affirming, Christian communities of faith.
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