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  • Jose Otiz’s open-air “preaching” in the plaza facing the San Francisco church
    in Cusco, Peru, Sunday, July 7, 2013. (Lima, Peru.  July 9, 2013)  CLICK

  • Other Sheep Distributes Pro-LGBT Bible-focused Book at Lima, Peru
    Sexually Diversifed Convention.  (Cuscu, Peru.  July 8, 2013)  CLICK HERE

  • Lima, Peru gay Church makes history at Lima Gay Pride Parade 2013
    (Cusco, Peru. July 8, 2013)  CLICK HERE

  • Parelli speaks to Lima, Peru, Christian Fellowship: “Why the Evangelical
    Church Must Listen to Her LGBT Children”  (CUSCO, PERU.  JULY 7, 2013)  

  • Other Sheep on the Fallacies of Reparative Therapy and “Ex-gay” Ministries,
    at Lima, Peru, Sexually Diversified Families Convention. (CUSCO, PERU.  
    JULY 7, 2013)  CLICK HERE

  • Gay Friendly Lima, Peru Mayor Survives Evangelical Opposition, Receives
    Pro-LGBT Bible-based Book (CUZCO, JULY 7, 2013)  CLICK HERE
Above Photo:  Lima Mayor
Susana Villarán with Rev.
Steve Parelli. Lima, Peru.
June 27, 2013.
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"Lima Mayor Susana Villarán gave an opening to her
political opponents in 2011 by marching in Lima's gay
pride parade and backing legislation to ban
discrimination against LGBT people. Vigorous
protests from the city's evangelical community and
opposition from the Catholic church ultimately forced
the city council to table the bill. Then these forces
also launched the campaign to remove her from
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