Our PERU 2013 Report, Sub Page

Rev. Stephen Parelli & Jose Ortiz of Other Sheep in Peru
June 25 – July 8, 2013*
A Report

*Steve arrived in Lima on June 25, Jose arrived in Lima on June 29

By Stephen Parelli,  written Tuesday, July 9, 2013 in the VIP Lounge of the Lima, Peru, International Airport, while
waiting for our flight to Caracas, Venezuela, which was delayed 10 and ½ hours
  • (2) Our inter-action with pro-LGBT clergy (and lay people) in Lima, June 29 –
    July 3 and 8 – 9.
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This web page was created in and published from
Guatemala City on July 26, 2013.
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  • (1) Our participation in the 5th Convention of the International Association of Sexually
    Diversified Families, June 25 – June 30.  CLICK HERE

  • (2) Our interaction with pro-LGBT clergy (and lay people) in Lima, June 29 – July 3 and 8 – 9.  

  • (3) Our personal vacation time in Cusco and Machu Picchu, July 5 – 8.  CLICK HERE
(2) Our interaction with pro-LGBT clergy (and lay people) in Lima, June 29 – July 3 and 8 – 9

Clergy and lay-leaders we met and with whom we briefly worked; what was accomplished

  • The distribution of the book The Children Are Free in Spanish among clergy and lay people
  • As we met clergy and (some of the) lay people, we gave copies of the book The Children Are Free,
    often giving clergy a few copies of the book knowing they would know how best to distribute the book
  • The “Ex-gay” and Reparative Therapy Panel Discussion of Saturday, June 29
  • One member of the panel, a evangelical theologian (Oscar Amat), who has, for some time, been in
    contact with John Donor our Other Sheep Coordinator for Latin America and Other Sheep co-founder.
  • The Gay Pride Parade of Lima, Peru, Saturday, June 29  
  • Jose and I were invited by the pastor (Juan Fonseca) of the Lima, Peru gay Christian fellowship (The
    Inclusive Ecumenical Christian Fellowship: The Way) to be a part of their segment in the Gay Pride
    Parade.  CLICK HERE for related blog
  • We joined them before the start of the parade for their circle of prayer time, an event they used to
  • At this circle of prayer we met
  • The Catholic Priest (Guillermo Horna) who is a joint pastor with Juan Fonseca at The Way
    gay Christian fellowship.
  • An Episcopal Priest (David Limo) who has sent emails introducing Other Sheep and our visit
    to Guatemala and Colombia to a Bishop based out of El Salvador and to and to a Bishop
    based in  Colombia.
  • Later during the actual parade, we met a student of theology who has studied under Oscar Amat
    who has committed to helping Other Sheep in Peru.
  • Two speaking engagements at the Lima Inclusive Ecumenical Christian Fellowship: The Way.
  • On Sunday evening, June 30, Steve preached at the Lima gay Christian fellowship
  • Steve’s sermon title:  “Why the Evangelical Church (and the Church at large) Must Listen to
    Her LGBT Children CLICK HERE for a written summary of the sermon.
  • Approximately 30 people were in attendance
  • Steve preached in English and Jose translated in Spanish
  • An openly-gay Peruvian evangelical Lutheran pastor was in attendance, Rev. Pablo Espinoza
  • Jose and Steve spent two nights in his home (Wednesday, July 3 and Monday, July 8)
  • Following the Sunday evening service, Steve and Jose with clergy members Juan, Guillermo, Pablo and
    lay people from the church to a restaurant for an evening meal together
  • On Tuesday evening, July 2, Jose presented Steve’s study “Is There Really Such a Thing as Ex-
    gay?”   A smaller group than Sunday evening’s group were in attendance; discussion followed; Steve
    and Jose accompanied Pastor Juan and the lay people to diner following the event.
  • Steve and Jose spoke with Oscar Amat (evangelical theologian), Juan Fonseca (pastor of the gay Christian
    fellowship) and Rev. Pablo Espinoza (an experienced Lutheran pastor in his early 60s who ministered on staff
    in the USA at Robert Shuler’s Crystal Cathedral) about the possibility of having an Other Sheep Coordinator in
    Peru.  Amat recommended Espinoza who eagerly and graciously accepted (with the understanding that Steve
    will recommend him to the Other Sheep board asking for their approval, presenting Pablo’s CV and
    qualifications), and Juan supported.    
  • Steve and Jose spent two brief evenings (nights) in the home of Rev. Espinoza discussing Pablo’s vision
    of Other Sheep in Peru.
  • A Providential Meeting on Monday evening, July 8, at Lima airport, with Baptist seminary grad student
    Lianderson Miranda and his partner Eduardo Freitas of Brazil
  • On our flight from Cusco to Lima, returning from our vacation days/ trip to Machu Picchu, Steve and Jose
    made the observation to each other that so-and-so were obviously a gay couple (dotting on each other)
  • At baggage claim at the Lima airport, Jose introduced himself to the gay couple
  • In turn, we learned that Lianderson is, like Steve, of a Baptist tradition and theological education;
    that he had met Elder Diane Gardner (of Metropolitan Community Churches), and that he had
    leads a gay Christian once-every-six-months gathering in Brazil
  • The four of us, at baggage claim, agreed to meet that evening for dinner together
  • Rev. Pablo gladly joined us four for diner (in whose home Steve and Jose were spending the night)
  • Steve gave Lianderson a copy of the book The Children Are Free and discussed with him Other
    Sheep's desire to see the book translated in Portuguese
  • Lianderson is an English teacher in Brazil
Above Photo:  Pastor Juan Fonseca of the
Lima, Perugay Christian fellowship (The
Inclusive Ecumenical Christian Fellowship:
The Way).  Lima, Peru.  June 30, 2013.
Below:  Formerly employed with Jimmy
Swagart Ministries in Florida, now an open
drag queen, holding the book
The Children
Are Free. Lima Gay Pride Parade.  June 29,
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