Our PERU 2013 Report, Sub Page

Rev. Stephen Parelli & Jose Ortiz of Other Sheep in Peru
June 25 – July 8, 2013*
A Report

*Steve arrived in Lima on June 25, Jose arrived in Lima on June 29

By Stephen Parelli,  written Tuesday, July 9, 2013 in the VIP Lounge of the Lima, Peru, International Airport, while
waiting for our flight to Caracas, Venezuela, which was delayed 10 and ½ hours
On This Page:
(1) Our participation in the 5th Convention of the International Association of Sexually Diversified
Families, June 25 – June 30

  • In February of 2013, Steve and Jose were invited by the International Association of Sexually Diversified
    Families to present Steve’s paper on “Is There Really Such a Thing as Ex-gay?” as part of a panel
    discussion on reparative therapy and the “ex-gay” ministry.
  • On Saturday of the Convention (June 20), Jose (a fluent Spanish-speaker) presented the paper (written
    in Spanish), within the twenty minutes allotted him, in PowerPoint format.
  • Three other people participated in the panel, two from Peru, one from Chile
  • Approximately 30 people were present; the response was very positive
  • Distribution of the book (in Spanish) The Children Are Free (by Jeff Miner and John Tyler Connolly) at the
    Lima Convention (June 27 – 30) to/among convention attendees
  • Approximately 90-100 copies were distributed to individuals, one-on-one at the Convention
  • Books were not left at the table for general distribution
  • Jose and Steve gave books out individually as they met people, using the book to network and to
    introduce themselves and Other Sheep
  • On the final day of the Convention, the PFLAG director of San Diego (to Spanish speaking people)
    gave a personal testimony of how the English version of the book impacted her life and invited
    people to see Steve and Jose for a complimentary Spanish copy.  The PFLAG director was literally
    thrilled to see the book in Spanish in that her PFLAG work is with Spanish-speaking people.
  • As people have occasion to read the book, word is coming back to us (by email – a person in
    Panama, and by personal interaction – a pastor in Lima) as to how well the book speaks to its topic.
  • Attendees at the Convention were from 24 different countries, primarily Latin American countries, but
    also Spain and Italy
  • Steve and Jose did not keep a written record of who received the book, however, by memory we
    can report that copies of the book went to people from the following countries:  Mexico,
    Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia,
    Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, (Uruguay?) Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Spain, Italy and the USA
    (San Diego PFLAG; Executive Director of PFLAG – an English copy; a Washington DC Cathoic
    Sister – an English copy; and a Westchester, NY, Spanish-speaking family).
  • Jose and Steve prepared and attached a flyer for each of the books noting two things:  (1) that
    Other Sheep is looking for translators to volunteer their time in translating The Children Are Free
    into Portuguese; (2) that Other Sheep is looking to print and distribute the book in countries, and
    (3) the itinerary of Steve and Jose in Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala, and Colombia – the two months
    of their travel immediately following the Convention.
  • Translation into Portuguese: One mother attending the Convention spoke to Steve about her
    gay son who does translation work from English to Portuguese; as of this writing, she has put
    us in contact with him.
  • Nicaragua (an activist there who attended the Lima Convention) has presently sought
    permission to work with Other Sheep in the printing and distribution of the book in Nicaragua.
  • Three noteworthy politicians who were personally given a copy of the book:
  • The Mayor of Lima
  • A member of the Peruvian congress (who marched in the Gay Parade)
  • A member of the Mayor’s council of advisors (who attended the Lima, Convention)
  • Networking at the Lima Convention – In the course of general networking at the Convention, the following
    significant connections were made:
  • Meeting individuals from  countries we are yet to visit this summer (Venezuela, Guatemala, and
    Colombia – in that order)
  • A gay activist couple (bears) from Venezuela whom we met at the conference has arranged for us
    to speak to their group on the Bible and homosexuality while we are in Venezuela during our 5-day
    stay there (this will double are activities for Venezuela).
  • The PFLAG team (two straight colleagues) of Guatemala whom we met at the conference have
    arranged for us to speak on two separate occasions to their PFLAG adults on the Bible and
  • By email, we have introduced Guatemala PFLAG to the gay Christian fellowship of
    Guatemala City.  Guatemala PFLAG was not aware of the gay Christian fellowship (and vice
    versa).  Steve and Jose will promote Guatemala PFLAG along with the gay Christian
    fellowship, while they are in Guatemala for five weeks doing general outreach work there
  • A team (of two straight female colleagues) of Colombia who have a gay-friendly radio station who
    invited to speak on their radio station; they have already booked a date for us.
  • Individuals from various organizations:  We had opportunity to introduce Other Sheep, or
    reintroduce Other Sheep to various organizations:  PFLAG San Diego, the pro-LGBT Catholic Sister from
    Washington, DC (reintroduce), the Executive Direction of PFLGA; the Executive Director of Out Games
    (2017); and organizations in Italy, Spain and Brazil, as well as individuals from Latin American countries
    unfamiliar with Other Sheep primarily because their emphasis is not in the area of religion.
  • It should be noted that while religion is not the emphasis of most organizations and individuals (as
    activists) represented at the convention, practically all individuals and organizations introduced to
    the book (The Children Are Free) and to Other Sheep (with its focus on religion and homophobia)
    were instantly drawn to resource as very, very necessary.  Other Sheep’s presence and focus on
    religion was eagerly welcomed by most.
  • As mentioned above:  A possible professional Portuguese translator; a Nicaraguan activist who
    wants to print and distribute The Children Are Free (Spanish version) in Nicaragua.
This web page was created in and published from
Guatemala City on July 26, 2013.
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Above Photo:  Lima Mayor, left,
with Steve Parelli, right.

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