Our GUATEMALA 2013 Photo Page 6 - Transgender's Birthday Party
This web page heading was created and published from Guatemala City, Guatemala, on July 25, 2013
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June 25 - July 9
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August 17 - September 1
Rev. Steve Parelli and
Jose Ortiz:
Their 2013 Other Sheep
Summer Ministry to Five Latin
American Countries
June 25* - September 1, 2013
*Steve arrived in Peru on June 25th,
Jose on June 28th
“This is the house of Jesus,” I said in Spanish to the young elegant, lovely lady who warmly took
my hand at the end of the evening’s extraordinary intimate celebration and told me how glad she
was that Jose and I had accepted her invitation to join her and her friends in the festivities.

She and her husband, who is a medical doctor, operate a small medical clinic and a spa.  The
spa, adjacent to the clinic, is an oasis of two inviting modern one-story semi-hidden buildings
situated around a small green shady inner court with intersecting paths and a side patio.  The
entrance and enclosed pathway which beckons you to step off the hot, sun drenched streets of
this somewhat bustling Caribbean town of Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, consists of over-laying,
intertwining lush green vines and curious hanging vines terminating with blue flowers that suggest
something like the bell of a trumpet.  The shaded pathway leads you to the peaceful court and the
inviting spa.

What makes this “the house of Jesus” is quite simple:  the staff which professionally operates and
service you at the spa is a rainbow of sexually diversified people working alongside of straight
people, . . .

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Steve with Birthday Girl
At left:  Jose with transgender
Below:  Jose (center) with
transgender and transgender friend
(at left)
Transgender birthday girl (at right) with friend
Friends of the birthday girl
Friends of the birthday girl
Doctor and his wife, hosts of the party
Above video:  Transgender birthday girl dancing
for her guests at her party.  
Two other transgenders
also performed for the guests (no videos of these two
This web page was created on September 10, 2013 in the Bronx, New York, and
published from the Bronx, on September 28, 2013.
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