Our GUATEMALA 2013 Photo Page 4 - Outreach
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Date:  Sunday, July 14 - Sunday,
July 21

Place: Amatique Bay Resort,
Puerto Barrios, Guatemala

Description: stuffing Soulforce
pamphlet by Mel White on the Bible
and homosexuality with flyer info
on three LGBT organizations  

Occasion:  Preparing literature for
literature distribution
Date:  Monday, August 12, 2013

Place: The old center of
Queltzaltengo, Guatemala

Occasion:  Asking directions (in
the center) for Saint Mark's
Episcopal Church.

Description:  These for young
man helped us with directions,
and we in turn give them each Mel
White's pamphlet on the Bible and

Remark:  This is an example of  
how we handed out the literature
as we had occasion to speak with
people.  Each of these young men
where Christian, and each from a
different denomination.
Date of Visit

June 25 - July 9
July 10 - July 13
July 18
July 13 - August 17
August 17 - September 1
Rev. Steve Parelli and
Jose Ortiz:
Their 2013 Other Sheep
Summer Ministry to Five Latin
American Countries
June 25* - September 1, 2013
*Steve arrived in Peru on June 25th,
Jose on June 28th
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Date:  Saturday August 10,

Place: Jocotenango, town
adjacent to Antigua,

Happening:  The town was
having a parade featuring
school bands from all

Description: Jose Ortiz
distribution Mel White's
pamphlet on the Bible and
homosexuality in Spanish

Approach:  Jose used a
"survey" approach in which
he asked three questions
amounting to learning two

(1) Would the person being
surveyed be interesting in
reading "another view
point" on religion and
homosexuality; and

(2) would they be willing to
give a copy of the same
literature item to their
Date:  Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Place:  Restaurant and hotel in El
Rancho, Guatemala

Occasion:  Two nights and two
days in El Rancho

Description:  Ask our waiter if he
would be interested in taking the
survey (and receiving the literature)

Remark:  This is an example of  
how we handed out the literature
as we had occasion to speak with
Date:  Tuesday, August 14, 2013

Place:  Las Fuentes Georgian
(thermo waters), Zuni,

Occasion:  A chance happening
- lunch with an evangelical
church at their picnic outing,
having invited us to join them.

Description:  The evangelical
church group had about 50
people present and three
pastors (one visiting from
Florida, US).  Upon hearing
about our mission with Other
Sheep, members of the group
as well as the three pastors
(after clearly understanding our
message is/was controversial),
openly received our literature.  

Remark:  Wherever we
travelled, and, yes, on our days
off (as was the situation here),
we continued to take every
opportunity to present Mel
White's pamphlet (in Spanish)
on the Bible and homsexuality
Date:  July 14 - August 17, 2013

Place:  (Far left) Almolonga, (Immediate left) Puerto

Occasion: As we happen to see people coming and
going around a church, we gave literature to interested
people (generally  targeting church leaders).  This did not
happen often.

Description: Both of these churches are evangelical.  On
both occasions we spoke with a leader of the church and
left literature on the Bible and homosexuality
Date:  August 3 - 17, 2013   Place:  Antigua, Guatemala

Occasion: Jonatan Yalivat De Leon Del Valle (upper right in photo at right) was a young man we met,
by chance, in 2013 at our Soleil Resort.  He is a Spanish-to-English translator.

Description: Because we kept in touch, we invited Jonatan and his mother to attend the PFLAG event
in Guatemala City.  This was his mother's first time ever to attend such an meeting.  She was
delighted to meet other parents.

Remark:  Jonatan is an example of how we kept in touch, and reconnected in 2013, with people we
had met for the first time in August of 2012 while we were vacationing in Antigua, Guatemala
Date:  Monday, August 12, 2013      

Place:  Outside of Quetzaltenango

Occasion: Traveling by rent-a-car to Quetzaltenango for a
scheduled meeting, we happen to see this Theological
Methodist Seminar.  We stop and inquire.  The seminar is
conducted on the grounds of a Methodist (I think)
Christian day school when the school is not in session.

Description:The secretary gives us the phone number of
the director of the Theological Methodist Seminar (and
the brochure at left).  We leave a copy of the book The
Children Are Free in Spanish for the seminar director.  
Jose phones the director (as pictured) and lets him know
we've left a book for him.