Our COLOMBIA 2013 Photo Page 2 - Meetings in Bogota and Cali, Colombia
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Date of Visit

June 25 - July 9
July 10 - July 13
July 18
July 13 - August 17
August 17 - September 1
Rev. Steve Parelli and
Jose Ortiz:
Their 2013 Other Sheep
Summer Ministry to Five Latin
American Countries
June 25* - September 1, 2013
*Steve arrived in Peru on June 25th,
Jose on June 28th
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Date:  Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Place:  Offices of Kairos Educativo, Bogota, Colombia
Group:  Kairos Educativo
Occasion:  Fidel Ramirez (far right) introducing Other Sheep to Kairos Educativo
Date:  Thursday, August 22, 2013
Place: LGBT Center, Bogota, Colombia
Group:  ABBA PADRE, a Christian fellowship and Bbile study group
Occasion:  Fidel Ramirez introduced Steve Parelli and Jose Ortiz to ABBA PADRE.  By
attending the meeting and listening to the Bible study led by David, their pastor/leader,
Fidel Ramirez had the opportunity to (1) introduce Other Sheep to Abba Padre, (2)
introduce the book The Children Are Free (in Spanish; Miguel was there with the books,
and (3) invite the group to attend the seminar which was held the following week
Date:  Saturday, August 24, 2013
Place: Trinity Episcopal Church, Cali,Colombia
Group:  Quiron, hosted by Rev. Antonis De J. Calvo (Trinity Episcopal Church)
Event:  Steve Parelli and Jose Ortiz presented a PowerPoint on the Bible and homosexuality to a
group of about 30 - 40 people; following the seminar,
Quiron celebrated a mile-stone anniversary
with memoirs, testimonies, and drag shows.  It was a fantastic time.
Not Pictured
(unfortunately, Steve's camera was stolen,
in Bogota,  the morning of this event)
Date:  July 18, 2013
Place: San Paublo S., Hondorus
Date:  Monday, August 26, 2013
Place: Local eatery, Cali, Colombia
Group:  Rev. Antonis Calvo of Trinity Episcopal Church (Cali) and the LGBT organizaion
Quiron with Javier Uribe Ruiz (second from right) and Hector (far right)
Occasion:  To discuss possible future collaborations with Other Sheep for outreach
opportunities through joint efforts in conducting educational seminars
Date:  Saturday, August 31
Place:   Bogota, Colombia
Group:  The first Bogota organizaion of fathers, mothers and families of LGBT people
 Jose presented a Powerpoint on the Bible and homosexuality; structured
discusion around religion and homophobia followed; a transgender  Rabbi was an
invited, clergy guest for the discussion.
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the script/text was added on September 21, 2013, in Bronx
Date:  Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Place: Universidad Minuto de Dios, Cundinamarca, Bogotá, Colombia
Group:  Sponsored by Fidel Ramirez in collaboration with several other LGBT groups, several of which gave opening
remarks about their respective organization
Event:  "Spiritualities, the Bible and Sexual Diversity" - Jose Ortiz (Other Sheep) presented a Powerpoint on the Bible
and homosexuality; Miguel Vargas supervised the selling of the book
The Children Are Free. 50 or more people were
in attendence
Pictured from left to right:  Jose Ortiz (Other Sheep); Judith Bautista Fajardo (Coordinator of Care
Education and Theology for Kairos Educativo); Steve Parelli (Other Sheep);
Fernando Torres Millan (General Coordinator of Kairos Educativo); and Fidel Ramirez
Top right photo:  Some of the
participants of the Bible study group

Photo at left:  Some of the members of
the Bible study group -- an after-meeting
time of fellowship at a local eatery

Below left photo - Paula, a member of
the fellowship group (with Steve Parelli)

Below photo (left to right):  Fidel
Ramirez, David (leader of Abba Padre,
Steve Parelli and Jose Ortiz (of Other
Sheep) and (far right) Miguel Vargas,
distributor or
The Children Are Free (in
Spanish) in Colombia
Photo at right (left to right):  Jose Ortiz, Miguel
Varga, Fidel Ramirez, and Steve Parelli
Photos are taken from Fidel
Ramirez's Facebook page.
Cropping and photo touch-up (brightening)
by Steve Parelli
Some of the 50 or more people who
attended the event
Steve Parelli (left) and Jose Ortiz
(right) presenting
Two photos at right:  Judith
Bautista Fajardo of Kairos
At left: David
(center) and
two member of
Abba Padre
Below:  Rev Steve Parelli's paper
on the Bible and homosexuality;
each attendee received a copy (50
or more attendees)
Above:  Miguel Vargas
overseeing the sell of books,
The Children Are Free in
At right:
Fernando Torres
Millan of Kairos
(second from the
right )
Below right:  Paula, a person who
wrote a thank you note for the help
received from the seminar
Above photo:   August 31, 2013 event, Jose presents
to transgender and their parents on the Bible and
ABBA PADRE, August 22, 2013 - LGBT Center, Bogota
ABBA PADRE, August 22, 2013
Steve (right)
with Paula of
Fidel,  David (ABBA PADRE),   Steve, Jose, Miguel
Jose Ortiz           Steve Parelli         Rev. Antonis Calvo                Javier Ruiz                      Hector
Bogota:   Families for Sexual Diversity
A Rabbi female
A Rabbi female
(left) with
Jose Ortiz
presenting on the
Bible and
Jose Ortiz
presenting on the
Bible and