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June 25 - July 9
July 10 - July 13
July 18
July 13 - August 17
August 17 - September 1
Rev. Steve Parelli and
Jose Ortiz:
Their 2013 Other Sheep
Summer Ministry to Five Latin
American Countries
June 25* - September 1, 2013
*Steve arrived in Peru on June 25th,
Jose on June 28th
Our COLOMBIA 2013 Report
This web page heading was created and published from Guatemala City, Guatemala, on July 25, 2013
The text part of this web page was created in, and published from, the Bronx, New York on September 28, 2103.

Visits to this web page:
Part I – The People with Whom We Worked in Colombia 2013
Presented in Chronological Order

Part II – The Events and Activities of Other Sheep in Colombia 2013
Narrated around the Key People with whom Steve and Jose worked

    Miguel Vergas  
    Our Host and Other Sheep Book Distributor
    Christina Rojas and Carolina  
    Two Woman Ministering to the Transgender and their Families
    Carlos Serrano, Executive Director of Radio Diversia  
    Jose and Steve to Create a weekly radio program in Spanish on faith and sexuality
    Fidel Ramirez
    A student working on his PhD – and at the same time a real activist
    Rev. Antonis De J. Calvo, Trinity Episcopal Church, Cali, Colombia
    Episcopal Priest Ministering to the LGBT Community

Part III – (Misc.) An Additional Contact (Clinical Psychologist)
Initiated by Jose through an advertisement he saw

Part IV – Personal Enrichment through Museums and Points of Interest
Culture, Education & Local Awareness

    In Bogota:  Montserrat Mountain (with Miguel Vergas), The Gold Museum, The Art Museum and Botero
    Museum (with Fidel Ramirez), The gay neighbor of Bogota (with Fidel Ramirez), The Louvre Classical
    Greek Exhibit at the National Museum (with Fidel Ramirez and two friends), The Historical Center:  
    Cathedral and Seat of Government (with Fidel Ramirez), President’s Mansion, Gran Estacion Mall,
    Bolivar House Museum .

    In Cali:  Chipichape Mall, The Museum of Colonial Religious Art housed in La Merced

Part V – Summary of Activities Accomplished
    1.  Two Literature Items Distributions
    2.  Two Internet Radio Program Interviews
    3.  Three Seminars (as featured speakers)
    4.  Two scheduled Meetings with leaders from two LGBT organizations
    5.  The Creation of one New Weekly Radio Program with Radio Diversia
    6.  Misc.:  Personal Meet-ups with two LGBT-related leaders
A Report
Colombia 2013 - Rev. Steve Parelli and Jose Ortiz in Colombia
16 Days (Two Weeks & Two Days) of Pro-LGBT, Faith-Based Activism in Colombia
August 17 – September 1, 2013
Other Sheep –

Written by Rev. Stephen Parelli
September 26-27, 2013

Photo Page 1 - Activists and people with whom we worked in Colombia (Bogota and Cali) CLICK HERE
Photo Page 2 - Meetings in Colombia (Bogota and Cali) in which we had an active role CLICK HERE
Photo Page 3 - Media in Colombia - Working with Internet Radio Diversia in Bogota CLICK HERE
Photo Page 4 - The Gold Museum and Classical Greek Art Work from the Louvre (Paris) on exhibit in Bogota National Museum CLICK HERE
Photo Page 5 - Sites and Views of Bogota  CLICK HERE
Photo Page 6 - Sites and Views of Cali  CLICK HERE
For the full report in PDF CLICK HERE