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This web page was created March 23-25, 2007
Aunty Ivy*  in Cortland Park, the Bronx, New York.
 His first time to see and experience snow!
*Emmanuel Kamau is
commonly known as
Aunty Ivy" in Africa
because of his trait for
counseling other gay men,
and because in parts of
Africa it is common for
young men to receive
counsel from their Aunts
on how to understand the
female sex.
Cortland Park,
The Bronx.
March 20, 2007
Cortland Park,
The Bronx.
March 20, 2007
Cortland Park,
The Bronx.
March 20, 2007
Cortland Park,
The Bronx.
March 20, 2007
At Left in Photo Below:
"Auntie Ivy" with
Jose Ortiz,  Other Sheep
Coordinator for Africa.
Above Photo and Photo At Left
2962 Decatur Avenue
(home of Steve and Jose),
Auntie Ivy's home in the Bronx
during his nine day stay
in New York City.
Auntie Ivy at Rockefeller Center, Manhattan
March 21, 2007
East Africa
Photo at Left:
From Left to Right
Steve Parelli,
Executive Director, Other Sheep
Perry Brass,
author, see his website at
Emmanuel Kamau (Aunty Ivy),  
Founder & Director, Ishtar MSM,  
Nairobi, Kenya
Father Donald Doherty
Served twenty years in East   
Jose Ortiz
Other Sheep Coordinator for  
Steve          Perry            Aunty          Donald        Jose
Parelli         Brass             Ivy              Doherty       Ortiz
On March 20 and March 22, 2007,  New York
City Other Sheep Committee for Books to Africa

met in the Bronx with Emmanuel Kamau (Aunty Ivy)
of Nairobi, Kenya, to discus
plans for Ishtar MSM
to host meetings with Other Sheep in Nairobi,
Kenya, this summer (2007)

Out of these two meetings, Ishtar MSM and Other
Sheep discussed the following:

  • Steve Parelli and Jose Ortiz will conduct a
    "safe place" for discussion around
    instruction on issues pertaining to
    homosexuality (this summer in Nairobi,
  • A curriculum will be used that will emphasis
    homosexuality as it relates to different areas
    of topics from religion, to society in general,
    family members, the social sciences and
    psychology, and human rights
  • Targeted participants will be the LGBT
    community and their parents and friends
  • Three different locations in Nairobi will be
    chosen for weekly meeting places in order to
    reach a wider range of people within the city
    of Nairobi
  • "Safe place" classes will run for four weeks
  • Steve and Jose with Emmanuel (Aunty Ivy)
    will use time between classes to meet and
    connect with individuals
  • It is hoped that out of these meetings
    a permanent group of some kind may
    be established
Aunty Ivy                                                 Father
of Ishtar MSM                                        
Donald                                                                          Doherty

Aunty Ivy
Aunty Ivy                                                                         Brass
Ishtar MSM, Nairobi, Kenya                
Throg's Neck Bridge (connects Queens & the Bronx)
The view from our meeting place in the Bronx
Donald Doherty
"Aunty Ivy"  
Emmanuel Kamau
Emmanuel visits
Riverside Church's
Wednesday Service
Museum of
Natural History,
Manhattan, New
York City
Lunch at a restaurant on Union Square,
Manhattan, New York City
Not pictured:
On March 21, at their offices in the
financial district of Manhattan (80
Maiden Ln),
Emmanuel Kamau,
accompanied by
Steve Parelli,
met with
Carry Allan Johnson,
Senior Program Specialist for
Africa of the
International Gay
and Lesbian Human Rights
Commission (IGLHRC).
Photo At Left:
"Aunty Ivy" (accompanied by Steve Parelli) meets with
Astraea:  Lesbian Foundation for Justice,
116 East 16th Street, Manhattan, New York City, March 23,

Pictured Left to Right:
Joo-Hyun Kang, Director of Programs
Emmanuel Kamau, Founder & Director of Ishtar MSM
Namita Chad, Grants Administrator
Joo-Hyun           Aunty Ivy                     Namita Chad
Astraea:  Lesbian Foundation for Justice
Table of Contents
this Web Page
On this web page
you will see:

  • Emmanuel Kamau
    Visits Other Sheep
    (Steve & Jose) in
    New York City

  • Information on the
    Organization of
    Ishtar MSM

  • Planning Meeting
    for Other Sheep's
    Summer 2007
    ministry in Nairobi,

  • Two Foundations:   
Kamau Visits
Other Sheep in
New York City
Information on the
Organization of Ishtar
Planning Meeting
for Other
Sheep's summer
2007 ministry in
Nairobi, Kenya
March 20, 2007,
meeting to plan
Other Sheep's
trip to Nairobi
Meeting of Emmanuel and Father
Doherty for the first time . . . but like
old friends becuas of Fahter
Doherty's 20 years in East AFrica.
A delicious
Irish stew!
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On Monday evening, March 26, "Aunty
Ivy" changed his flight to March 29  in
order to visit the Netherlands consulate
in Manhattan to make application for a
visa to that country, having been invited
to speak at a conference there.
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visit to the
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The Bronx.
March 20,