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Steve and Jose
August 13 - 16, 2011
Steve & Jose: Asia 2011: INDIA - SINGAPORE - NEPAL
Day in
Day and Place
Aug 13
  • Arrive in Singapore (from Goa, India, with two connecting flights -
    Mombai and Chennai) at 8:00AM
  • Nglam Su-Lin, Executive Pastor of Free Community
    Church, is waiting for us at the airport and takes us to our hotel,
    Furama City Center Hotel
  • Pastor Su-Lin, Jose and Steve have breakfast together
    in the hotel restaurant talking about LGBT ministry until
    room is ready
  • In the hotel room Steve prepares the PowerPoint for Sunday
    afternoon's seminar on "Is There Such A Thing As Ex-gay?"
  • Steve makes photo copies of documents (on other topics than
    "ex-gay") as free liturature for attendees for Sunday's seminar
  • Jose is exhausted and sleeps while Steve gets cash, does
    copying, and starts laundry
  • Steve starts on the two-weeks worth of laundry to do, using hotel
    washer and dryer for guests (ALL our clothes had a strong
    mildewy smell about them from being in Goa where the air was
    wet with moisture from the monsoons)
  • After sleeping, Jose answers Other Sheep email (Internet in our
    room! - the first time in four weeks or more!!!) and finishes
    laundry, folding, etc.
  • Now Steve naps for about two hours in the afternoon, while Jose
    works, before going out with Jose for dinner
  • Steve and Jose enjoy the hotel pool (briefly) at some point in the
  • Steve and Jose spend the evening, and have dinner, at Clark's
    Quay (which is within walking distance from the hotel room)
  • Retire about 10:00PM
Aug 14
  • Steve gets up at 5:00AM and finishes making PowerPoint
  • Susan Yap picks us up at our hotel at 9:30AM
  • We meet and visit with church staff in a side room prior to
    morning service
  • Rev Boon of MCC New York preaches in the morning service
  • Following the service, Steve and Jose go over the PowerPoint
    presentation between themselves; FCC provides a carry-in
    lunch for Steve and Jose (so that they could stay and make final
  • Presentation "Is There Really Such a Thing as "Ex-Gay?"
  • Perhaps around 70 people are present including some
    non-FCC people from the community; FCC had published
    the meeting, inviting the general public
  • FCC (Free Community Church) provided copies of the "ex-
    gay" paper in English and in Mandran - each attendee
    received a copy
  • Other Sheep provided the following free liturature and
    news releases (at a liturature table) for attendees that
    were interested:

  • A Christian Response to Homosexuality by Rev
    Steve Parelli (A paper in the context of India
    society, prepared for Trivandrum Theological
    Forum) - 10 copies
  • Kenyan Coming Out Stories:  "Creating
    Communities of Listeners" - A Research Project by
    Rev. Stephen R. Parelli and Jose Enrique Ortiz - 10
  • How Baptist Doctrine May Obligtate the Evangelical
    to View Same-Sex Marriage as Primarily a Civil
    Matter and a Matter of Individual Conscience by
    Stepehn Parelli - 10 copies

  • News Release:  Trivandrum Theological Forum
    features USA married gay couple at young
    Christianlay leaders conference in Kerala, India -
    30 copies
  • News Release: (A second news item was made

  • Steve and Jose spend the evening in China Town
Aug 15
  • Steve creates PowerPoint on Kerala 2011 for tonight's
  • Jose makes 25 copies of handout re: the Kerala University
    students' meeting for tonight's presentation
  • Steve and Jose have dinner with four church leaders
  • Steve and Jose present a PowerPoint on Kerala 2011 and
    Nepal, Thailand, Malayasia and Singapore 2009 at the Free
    Community Church from 8-10PM; following event, about 15
    people were in attendence; Steve and Jose go out with a few
    members to area eateries;
Aug 16
  • Steve and Jose in hotel room until check out at 2PM:
  • Steve and Jose go to Sky Park and return to hotel by 7:00PM
  • Steve and Jose swim in hotel pool
  • Steve and Jose taxi to airport at 8:00PM; board an 11:00 PM
    flight to Kathmundu with a connecting flight in New Delihi
Singapore Log of Events
August 13 -  August 16, 2011
Note:  "Happenings" in BOLD CAPS indicate Other Sheep meetings and appointments
This web page was created while traveling in Singapore
(and in Nepal, I assume).

This web page was published some time in August or
the first part of September, 2011.

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Moon over Clark's Quay, Singapore.  August 13, 2011
Rev Boon of
preaching, Free
Singapore. August
14, 2011
Jose Ortiz (right)
and Steve Parelli
(below right)
presenting a
seminar on the
evangelical ex-gay
movement in the
USA as they
experienced it.
Free Community
Church, Sinapore.  
Sunday afternoon,
August 14, 2011
Above photo:  Group picture of  (most of) those who attended the Monday evening, August
15, 2011, Powerpoint presenting by Steve and Jose of Other Sheep in Asia.
Above photo:  Steve and Jose join a group of people who attended the Monday
evening Other Sheep presentation for a time together at area eateries tasting
Singaporean foods following the presentation-event.  Agust 15, 2011
Steve Parelli (left) and Jose Ortiz (right) on
top of Sky Park, their last day in Singapore,
Tuesday afternoon, August 16, 2011.
Photos were added to this web page on December 20, 2011
Steve and Jose at Sky Park
Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Steve & Jose's Other Sheep
Asia 2011 Ministry
India, Singapore and Nepal

Table of Index

India (Index Page)
July 2 - August 12, 2011

Daily Logs:

Major Events:
  • Young Lay Leaders Conference
  • Day 2 - Jose presents
    psychological dynamics of
    church bias towards
    sexual minorities
  • Day 3 - Future projects


Singapore (Index Page)
August 13 -16, 2011

Daily Log:

Major Events:
  • Steve & Jose present "Is There
    Such a Thing as 'Ex-gay'?"
  • Steve & Jose present a
    Powerpoint on their India 2011




Rev. Oyoung:

Nepal (Index Page)
August 17 - September 1, 2011

Daily Logs:

Major Events:
  • "Putting a Face on
    Homosexuality" - Meeting with
    area pastors


Nepal Evaluation Report: