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Steve and Jose
NEPAL 2011
August 17 - Sept. 2, 2011
Steve & Jose: Asia 2011: INDIA - SINGAPORE - NEPAL
Putting a Face on Gay Nepali Christians
-the article announcing the September 1st luncheon for
Christians submitted to a Blue Diamond Society associate
reporter for publication
Putting a Face on Gay Nepali Christians

Other Sheep Nepal, a Christian ministry that works throughout Nepal
for the full inclusion of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender) people of faith within their respective faith traditions,
will host a lunch, Thursday, 1 September, for Christians interested in
meeting and hearing gay Nepali Christians tell their stories. The
program, titled “Putting a Face on Homosexuality,” will focus on
“inclusion” and the Christian church in Nepal.  Any Christian clergy
or lay person, teen or adult, who is seriously asking questions about
the Christian faith and homosexuality, is invited.

Featured as guests, but not scheduled to speak, are Rev. Steve
Parelli and Jose Ortiz, a legally married gay Christian couple of New
York City who are in Nepal visiting friends.  The couple, both from
conservative evangelical backgrounds, met in 1997 in an
evangelical “ex-gay” support group where they were hoping to
“overcome” their same-sex attractions through their faith in Christ.  
On the contrary, they say, no gay Christian ever “changes” his or
her sexual orientation.  A Christian may suppress his homosexual
feelings, but he or she cannot change from homosexual to
heterosexual. They say it isn’t possible. Furthermore, they say God
accepts all people as they are; that diversity is part of God’s
creation; and that love, inclusion, equality and freedom from
oppression and discrimination are central to the teachings of Jesus.

Together since 1997 as a live-together couple, Steve and Jose were
married in 2008 in Sacramento, California, in the USA where six
states now legally have same-sex marriage.

Guests will receive, for the first time in Nepali, a complimentary copy
of Rev. Parelli’s paper on the fallacies of the American evangelical
“ex-gay” movement.

Registration deadline is Monday, August 29, 2011. Seating is limited.
To register, phone or text Umish at---------------. The luncheon is
from 11:30 to 1:30 at Nanglo Bakery Cafe in Teku, Kathmandu,
Chinese Room, 2nd floor (free parking provided).
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This article, announcing
the September 1st
luncheon for
was submitted to a
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Steve & Jose's Other Sheep
Asia 2011 Ministry
India, Singapore and Nepal

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India (Index Page)
July 2 - August 12, 2011

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Major Events:
  • Young Lay Leaders Conference
  • Day 2 - Jose presents
    psychological dynamics of
    church bias towards
    sexual minorities
  • Day 3 - Future projects


Singapore (Index Page)
August 13 -16, 2011

Daily Log:

Major Events:
  • Steve & Jose present "Is There
    Such a Thing as 'Ex-gay'?"
  • Steve & Jose present a
    Powerpoint on their India 2011




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Nepal (Index Page)
August 17 - September 1, 2011

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Major Events:
  • "Putting a Face on
    Homosexuality" - Meeting with
    area pastors


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