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Steve and Jose
NEPAL 2011
August 17 - Sept. 2, 2011
Steve & Jose: Asia 2011: INDIA - SINGAPORE - NEPAL
Nepal Log of Events
August 17 - September 1
Note:  "Happenings" in BOLD indicate Other Sheep meetings and appointments or general contacts
Day in
Day and Place

Day 1



Connecting flight in
New Delhi, India
(coming from
Singapore) to

KATMANDU: Staying in

  • On our connecting flight from New Delhi to Nepal,
    Steve visits with a Nepali Masters in Business
    grad (just graduated and returning home) from a
    university in London, England, who is sitting next to
    Steve.  Steve shows him the Other Sheep web  pages
    of Nepal 2009 from his computer; he gives us his name
    and mobile number if we need help while in Nepal
  • Arrive at the Nepal airport around 8:15AM
  • Obtain sim card in airport
  • Obtain hotel information in airport
  • Arrange for possible pick-up at Gokarna Forest
    Resort for trip to Kathmandu (with Hotel
  • By taxi Steve and Jose go directly to Gokarna Forest
    Resort (close to airport, vs. going later from
    Kathmandu) to address in person, with the manager, a
    $944.79 (USD) mis-charge to our credit card one year
    after our 2009 vacation time there; a dispute that our
    credit card has attempted to resolve since April 2011
    without any response from the resort or the resort's
    bank .
  • Lunch at Gokarna Forest Resort
  • By taxi (covered for by Hotel Encounter Nepal) to Hotel
    Encounter Nepal in Thamel, Kathmandu; get a room for
    one night
  • Spend afternoon and evening, on foot, checking out
    hotels in the area (we look at about ten different hotels
    in Thamel, a popular area of Kathmandu for both
    tourists and Nepalis) along the road Thamel Marg from
    Galkopakha to a bit south of Narshing Chowk
  • Jose slept some late afternoon while Steve got on the
    Internet in their Hotel Encounter Nepal room
  • Late night dinner at the restaurant at Hotel Encounter;
    manager of hotel engages us in a conversation around
    American politics; we retire to bed around 10:00PM,
    exhausted from our all night flight from Singapore and
    working all day
Day 2

  • Steve gets up around 6:00AM (but looking at
    Singapore time, he thought it was around 8:00AM; he
    wakes Jose saying it is late, around 8:30AM (Singapore
    time) and insists they get started --  poor Jose who is
    not a morning person, but "seeing" it was already "8:
    30" (Singapore time, not Nepal time) gets up without a
    fuss; albeit it was around 6:30!!)
  • Without coffee or breakfast, on foot, we return to
    Kathmandu HI Thamel Hostel (which we saw last night)
    to see the room again (but still not satisfied with
    bathroom) and ask the hotel to hold it; look at some
    other hotels (one by rickshaw); return to Hotel
    Encounter Nepal; order breakfast; phone Kathmandu HI
    Thamel Hostel and ask about other rooms there - they
    are able to give us a front room with a bathroom
    matching our specifications - (we are sooo happy!);
    have breakfast; Steve packs; Jose takes care of hotel
    bill at Hotel Encounter Nepal; all public transportation
    including taxis is on strike today; Hotel Encounter Nepal
    finds a car and driver for us
  • At Kathmandu HI Thamel Hostel (situated in a clean,
    attractive court area with two other attractive, clean
    hotels; three restaurants are in the court area; the
    setting is flawless; the room is only $12 USD per night;
    they clean the room to our specifications and provide
    an extra desk for Jose - a perfect set-up for our two
    weeks in Nepal; our searching is well rewarded)
  • Spend the day setting up, getting situated, follow-up
    with Gokarna Forest Resort almost $1000 USA dispute,
    meeting with Blue Diamond Society member; contact
    Translators and Indira Ghale
  • Steve writes a letter that summarizes the
    unsatisfactory outcome of our meeting with the
    manager of Gokarna Forest Resort; shops for
    envelops; purchases maps; HI Hostel front desk
    person agrees to deliver letter to Gokarna Forest
    Resort manager (dispute over almost $1,000
    USD incorrect charge to our credit card
  • Steve goes to shops and purchases maps and
    three envelopes (asks about finding a post
    office); arranges delivery of letter to Gokarna
    Forest Resort
  • Jose contacts Nepal Translators by email, and
    Indira Ghale, and Umesh P by phone
  • At 6:30PM we meet with Umesh P of Blue
    Diamond Society and discuss, over diner, sites
    we can deliver our Nepali translation of "our"
    story - the "ex-gay" paper
  • After dark, Umesh P takes us, on foot, to
    Dhaktapur Dubar Square (World Heritage Site)
  • On return walk to hotel (streets very dark from lack of
    electricity, and very deserted), at our hotel area we visit
    an establishment where girls are available (dance on
    stage, others come and sit with you)
Day 3

  • Breakfast with Indira Ghale, Other Sheep
    Coordinator, here at our HI Hostel, court area
    restaurant; discuss and make plans to reach gay
    Christian contacts who are already in contact with
    Indira, to meet with LGBT leaders who might support
    the idea of a gay Christian fellowship, to work towards
    forming a gay Christian fellowship that is in Kathmandu
    and in a second (unnamed) area of Nepal,  this is what  
    our two weeks in Nepal
  • Work in room; Steve phones manager at Gokarna
    Forest Resort twice after emailing copy of hard letter;
    Jose checks credit card site and finds the amount in
    dispute has been charged to our credit card
  • Steve contacts translators; translation work to be done
    by today
  • Steve and Jose lunch at "only revolving restaurant" in
    Nepal at end of New Road street; text a few 2009 area
  • Steve and Jose at New Road shopping area, shop for
    and purchase mobile-camera for Jose (to replace the
    one lost in Goa, India)
  • Steve and Jose, for a second time, tour World Heritage
    Site (while still light out), adjacent to shopping area,
    called Dhaktapur Dubar Square; meet and speak with
    several people (general public) as we tour, introducing
    ourselves as "husband and husband" and getting
    different initial responses
  • By chance, returning to hotel, meet a gay-friendly
    individual (a young Hindu man, college educated,
    working a professional career) whom Jose met the night
    before; he invites us to his "flat" and we go:  meet
    his roommate, have tea, view their photo albums, - a
    cultural experience
  • Return to our hotel; Jose gets sim card for phone in
    Internet shop in our court area
  • Translation work (of "ex-gay" paper) is sent around
Day 4

Staying in THAMEL
  • Steve up at 5:45 and Jose up at 7:50
  • Steve on computer doing logs; getting letter to Gokarna
    Forest Resort to delivery person; Steve creates release
    form for video recording individuals; Jose makes copies
    of the form
  • Breakfast at Peace Garden (in our hotel court area);
    Steve video records first interview with a Nepali
    young man on his response to "husband and husband"
  • Steve records second video interview, a young
    woman; Jose goes to get passport photo of himself to
    finish mobile phone registration;
  • Some Other Sheep work on laptops in our hotel room
  • To Roof Top Restaurant in the Bhaktapur Durbar
    Square (taking parallel streets; different sites); contact
    translator and Indira by text; return to hotel to open,
    download and print translation work for Indira
  • On return walk to hotel, video record third
    individual on "husband and husband" response while
    two other friends look on
  • At Internet shop in our hotel court area, Steve and Jose
    attempt, and fail, to print a hard copy of translation
    work; manager (and owner), who was atypically close
    by, helped us; he downloaded a new program from the
    Internet to his computer; opened and printed document
  • We text Indira and translators that we now have our first
    hard copy of the "ex-gay" paper; Steve takes his lab
    top to Internet manager (and owner) and asks him to
    download same program to his laptop which he does
  • At around 5:30 or 6:00 PM, meet with Indira briefly
    at our hotel to give her a copy of the translation
    work; she informs us that plans have been made
    to travel to contacts outside of Kathmandu (name of
    town withheld) will happen on Thursday
  • Steve and Jose order coffee from Peace Garden
    Restaurant (in our court area), delivered to our room;
    Jose downloads his pictures from his camera and is
    totally disappointed;
  • Steve and Jose spend the remainder of the evening out
  • Go to map store where Steve purchased maps
    and envelopes to speak with attendent/overseer
    who was very helpful earlier and he recommends
    copier shop and where to rent a scooter
  • Go to copier who says return after 9:00PM when
    electricity outage will be over
  • Find rent-a-bike shop close by; closed but next
    door merchant helps us with contact info (on
    sign) and hours of operation
  • This street is "posh" compared to our street; visit
    restaurants (very classy); by chance, meet
    Nebash who helped us in 2009 by getting us
    around in Kathmandu, at an oven baked pizza
    restaurant; we have pizza at this "posh" pizza
  • Before,or just after, placing our order, Jose
    contacts by phone a key contact (that Indira
    gave us) and arranges to meet on Monday or
    Tuesday with contact and Indira
  • After ordering our pizza, Jose speaks with a
    couple waiters about us being "husband and
    husband" while another waiter takes Steve to a
    near-by shop to purchase pens (by the time
    Steve returns, the restaurant is a-buzz with the
    "husband and husband" story and Jose is still
    interacting with waiters at the coffee counter)
  • Steve video records two waiters on their
    "husband and husband" response at
  • Steve and Jose make seven copies of the "ex-
    gay" paper in Nepali at the copy place they
    visited earlier
  • Steve and Jose visit a second girl-bar briefly
  • Return to hotel room after 10:00PM (when the gate is
  • At hotel room before retiring
  • Jose contacts his family by Skype
  • Steve sleeps a couple hours (Jose had napped
    earlier in the day)
  • From mid-night to 2/3:00AM in the morning,
    Steve and Jose on the Internet (in their room)
    making a contact list of Christian pastors from
    2009 lists; and search Internet for related
    information (our trip on Thursday, connecting
  • Jose retires at 2:00AM and sleeps; Steve creates
    an eNews that he sends to over 100 Nepali
    contacts (previous contacts listed with his
    Constant Contact server); eNews invites
    Christians to receive a copy of the Nepali
    translation on "ex-gay;" gives contact info of
    Indira, Jose and Steve
  • Steve retires at 3:00AM after sending out eNews
    to Nepali contacts
Day 5

Staying in THAMEL
  • Steve is up at 7:00AM; Jose is up at 9:00AM; Steve
    enters log items
  • Breakfast at restaurant in court area; Indira texts while
    at breakfast that the translation is "excellent;" Steve
    and Jose print out contact sheets with pastors info -
    word documents Jose made from the Internet; Steve
    assembles last nights "ex-gay" paper (only seven
    copies); text and email translators to add page
    numbering and title of paper at bottom of each page;
  • Go to "mall" area in Thamel - Kaldi Café and The
    Factory area; lunch; text Indira about meeting hall
  • Return to room at 2:00PM; final "ex-gay" document with
    numbering, etc., arrives by email;
  • Steve creates and publishes two web pages; naps for
    30 minutes in between; Jose works on organizing
    contact info
  • The gay-friendly Hindu of Friday night visits at our
    hotel; we share a meal with him and visit
  • Umesh P takes us to a birthday party held in a
    Nepali home of a famous performer (Hindu) here in
    Nepal; Umesh P. has been a friend of the family for
    some time; Umesh P. performs in drag before all the
  • Steve and Jose, who have introduced
    themselves as "husband and husband"
    autograph three copies of Steve's paper on "ex-
    gay" and give a copy to the birthday person, and
    two famous Nepali performers
  • A Christian young man in his twenties at the
    party shows considerable interest as a Christian
    who is questioning "this issue" in Steve and Jose
    and Steve gives him a copy of the "ex-gay" paper
    in Nepali
  • Umesh P. walks Steve and Jose home (last part by car
    with a friend Umesh P. meets; walking at night around
  • Umesh P. meets two women sex workers walking
    and Steve and Jose give them each a little
    money for food
  • Umesh P. meets introduces us to a group of
    about 10 cross-dressers and/or transgender sex
    workers all in a group on a major street corner;
    police appear and the sex workers immediately
  • Umesh P. sees a friend with a car who drives the
    remainder short distance to our hotel
  • Steve and Jose retire just after mid-night
Day 6

Staying in
  • Steve is up at 6:00AM; completes yesterday's log entry
    downloads pictures, etc; Jose up around 8:00AM.  To
    breakfast; Jose makes appointment with BDS for
    Tuesday; Indira sends names of possible meeting
    places for next week's public meeting with Christians
  • Steve answers email; replies directly to Gokarna Forest
    Resort's unsatisfactory, side-stepping email letter in
    which the manager fails to show any apology or
    responsibility for the almost $1000.00 his bank failed to
    credit our account until we insisted with our personal
    visit to his resort
  • Steve and Jose go to camera shop (on the way to meet
    Umesh P.) and request an exchange of camera;
    exchange is granted (Jose is extremely happy; we note
    the stark difference between the local camera shop and
    the five star resort of Gokarna Forest Resort)
  • Steve and Jose meet up with Umesh P.; together to
    lunch and then (after Steve naps for 10 minutes in
    chair in restaurant) look at two places for next week's
    public meeting; decide on second place - select date
    and time, a la cart lunch
  • Umesh returns to Steve and Jose's  hotel room (by taxi)
    to download Steve's pictures onto his flash drive
  • Umesh and Jose return to camera shop where Jose
    exchanges his purchase of a camera (for a camera he
    knows and loves - his old make and model exactly)
  • Meanwhile, Steve creates eNews to Nepali Christians
    with info on next week's public meeting; Steve creates
    flier on meeting
  • Steve and Jose have diner out at "posh" area
  • Return to hotel and retire around 10:00PM
Day 7

Staying in
  • Steve is up around 7:00AM and Jose around 7:20AM
  • Steve makes a print-out of "ex-gay" paper at Internet
    shop while Jose orders breakfast
  • Steve and Jose to Blue Diamond Society offices
    where they meet with Indira and BDS officers and
    discuss public meeting; news paper article; "ex-gay"
    paper in Nepali
  • Steve and Jose and Indira at BDS offices make
    plans for trip out of Kathmandu
  • Steve and Jose to hotel; to Roadhouse restaurant for
    pizza; text pastors about meeting
  • Steve and Jose to  ATM, store, and rent-a-bike for
    information; to hotel - arrive around 2:45PM - continue
    work on contacting pastors and churches
  • Steve spends evening contacting area pastors and
    churches by email
  • Steve sends out flier announcing next week's
    open meeting to pastors and area churches
  • (Area pastor phones Steve and asks who is the
    Nepali contact person; pastor phones Nepali
    contact person and threatens to call contact
    person's pastor to start church discipline -
    expulsion from church; Steve phones area pastor
    and talks with him about his phone call to contact
  • Steve sends out, in Nepali, excerpt on "ex-gay"
    paper with link to full paper to area pastors and
  • Steve writes blog on "Ostracism in Nepal" and
    sends out blog to area churches and pastors
  • Steve retires to bed around 3:00AM
Day 8

Staying in
  • Individual whom Jose contacted from Couch Surfer
    calls and asks to meet at 10:00 AM; Steve and Jose
    agree; same person calls and asks to meet at 11:00
    AM - running late; Steve and Jose go to breakfast and
    meet individual: he has an orphanage and is looking
    for funding; travel agent is next door to where we meet
    and is introduced as friend and Christian who helps
    with orphanage;
  • Travel agent/Christian tells us that New Life Church has
    married same-sex couples, one man and man in 2009;
    phones pastor and offers to take us there; pastor free
    at 1:30; meanwhile, we make purchases for tickets for
    travel outside of Kathmandu for ourselves and for
    Nepali Other Sheep Coordinator[ at New Life Church
    with travel agent and Couch Surfer in meeting with
    the pastor, the pastor tells that New Life Church has
    never married a same-sex couple, that New Life Church
    is Assembly of God and against same-sex marriage;
  • Steve and Jose set out to return to Thamel on foot and
    immediately meet Umesh P. of Blue Diamond
    Society who goes with us to a very late lunch;
  • Steve and Jose go to travel agent around 5:00 PM to
    get tickets which were purchased earlier in the day
  • In the evening at the hotel, a pastor whom Steve met
    on Facebook following the 2009 trip to Nepal, meet
    with Steve and Jose at the restaurant at hotel;
    Steve had sent him a flier and phoned him day or two
    before - was very interested and very affirming and
    welcoming of LGBT people
  • At the hotel, Steve meets with Nepal Translation
    Services and pays in cash the balance due for having
    translated the "ex-gay" paper into Nepali
  • Steve naps some in the evening, then around mid-night
    Steve writes article for report associated with Blue
    Diamond Society; Steve emails article to reporter, then
Day 9

  • Steve and Jose up around 15 min. to six; hurry and
    pack all belongings to leave with hotel in storage; to
    travel agent; to bus stand; get 6:30 am bus to Sauraha,
    Chitwan; over mountains, and more mountains and
    more mountains; along river; finally a plain
  • French speaking Nepali transports us from bus stand to
    Chitwan Riverside Resort Hotel, Sauraha, where we
  • Spent rest of day on hotel compound; Jose realizes it is
    our 3rd wedding anniversary; celebrate on balcony at
    room with candlelight and beer and fries

  • Steve up early and goes on walk along the riverside;
  • Steve and Jose go on morning canoe trip down river
    with guide and a couple (straight) from the Netherlands;
    walk back through "jungle" with guide and Dutch
    couple; sight some birds and deer, one crocodile
    (guide only saw it), see Annapurna mountain range
    from canoe
  • Afternoon, to go to Narayanghat; Steve attempts riding
    a motorcycle; finally rent a car and driver from French
    speaking Nepali (kept his number) - round trip to
    Narayanghat to be with Indira and activists
  • Meet with Indira and activists on street corner
    where a human rights celebration is taking place; Steve
    and Jose are given seats of honor; activist director -
    our key contact person here - is glad to see us;
  • Go to activist office, with activists, where we
    receive a special welcome and gifts; Steve introduces
    the "ex-gay" paper in Nepali as a tool for reaching the
    Christian community;  seven gay Christians identify
    themselves within a group of about 15 or more;
  • Steve and Jose return to Sauraha, Chitwan, hotel from
    Narayanghat (by driver and car); first to ATM machines
    in Narayanghat; Steve and Jose eat at Toro Toro
    Restaurant ("husband and husband" conversation)
  • Return to hotel; late, but hair saloon is open, introduce
    ourselves ("husband and husband"); local boys nearby
    visit with us some (at our resort) ("husband and

  • Steve and Jose go to Narayanghat; arrive in
    Narayanghat around 7:30; ride back of motorcycle to
    bus stand for Narayanghat and take local bus to
    Narayanghat; Steve to speak in local church (decides
    to speak of his brother as gay - not Steve and Jose as
  • Steve and Jose breakfast with Indira and local
    activist and discuss Thursday's meeting in Kathmandu
    and what to speak in church
  • Steve speaks in church in parable form - tells that
    his brother is gay; translator from; translator from
    organization associated with BDS; local activist and
    Steve and Jose meet with pastor and his wife
    afterwards to follow-up
  • Pastor told congregation following Steve's message
    that gays must change
  • To local activist's home for lunch; to translator's
    office and organization; discuss together church
    service, pastor's response; download and print ex-
    gay paper
  • To local activist's office for celebration with LGBT
    people - holiday of wives remembering their husbands
  • Steve and Jose to Narayanghat center for bus to
    Sauraha,Chitwan; shooting in town, police, traffic
    stopped; walk to edge of town for bus to Sauraha,
    Chitwan; ride on top of bus, French speaking Nepali
    picks us up on motorcycle
  • To sunset view spot - people - Canadians, Spaniards;
    view sunset;
  • To diner at K.C. restaurant; return to hotel room

  • Steve and Jose spend the day at Sauraha, Chitwan
  • Steve up at 5:30 and goes for long walk
  • Jose up around 7:30
  • Steve and Jose figure out expenses and cash on hand
    (ATMs not working in Sauraha)
  • Breakfast at Hermitage; speak with locals; "husband
    and husband"
  • Steve and Jose walked to where elephants bath; tell
    locals about being "husband and husband" - at Tifan
    House Restaurant
  • Phone Raju and speak with him
  • Steve and Jose rent bikes and go for drinks at Sapan
    Resort (where Steve had walked to earlier - nice view of
  • Steve and Jose bike to end of road - river, water
    buffalo; Jose falls off bike; later, chain comes off of bike;
  • Steve and Jose bike to area restaurant/hotel for lunch;
    talk with four guys there about "husband and
    husband" - one of which said it was good we were
    open, people are afraid to be open in Nepal, glad that
    we are free to be open; first time to see it, but knows
    from the news
  • Heavy rain; lets up; to hotel; more rain; Steve napes,
    Jose hands at room;
  • Steve and Jose bike to sunset point (cloudy); bike to K.
    C. Restaurant for dinner; to Internet - but can't photo
    copy due to power outage (scheduled)
  • Back at hotel, Steve sleeps, Jose parties, owner of
    hotel gets Steve from his room; all party, dance with
    tourists from China; up until 2:00AM ("husband and
    husband")  Young Nepali tour guide: "it makes me
    happy that you are frank, that you tell us at the
    begining that you are husband and husband, I like your

  • Steve and Jose up at 6:30; Steve downloads pictures;
    Jose packs; Steve writes in log; Jose and Steve go over
    costs and cash on hand; Jose checks out; breakfast at
  • Hotel staff member requests LGBT information
    and gives email address
  • Just after 9:00 taxi to Sauraha bus stand, board "tour"
    bus (bus that takes "only" tourists -- and some locals
    within short distances) to Pokhara
  • Jose visits with four Spaniards and a Nepali during
    trip; at lunch stop Steve and Jose visit with a young
    couple from England who just complete two years
    working HIV-AIDS in Vietnam
  • Arrive in Pokhara around 3:00PM and immediately go
    to Hotel Grand Holiday (as recommended by our
    French-speaking Nepali contact in Sauraha; hotel taxi
    waiting for us)
  • Check into room facing lake side; went walking and ate
    pizza (with cocktails) at restaurant just past soccer field;
    (we note how exceptionally clean the streets are here
    unlike Kathmandu where dirt is everywhere in the air,
    but just this section of Pokhara for tourists called
    Lakeside); return to hotel; swim in pool at Temple Tree
    hotel next door - small but resort like - from 7:15-8:
    00PM; return to hotel; Steve on Internet in room; some
    email; checked out news on Internet on hurricane Irene
    in New York City; retire to bed

  • Breakfast at hotel (included), early; while at breakfast
    meet a small group of people from Malaysia; talk at
    length about gay-related questions, they've read about
    OYoung; tell them about "gay church," etc.;
  • Move our room from lade side of hotel to peak side - to
    a corner room with windows on both outside walls, and
    a balcony; peaks are visible only during early morning
  • Jose contacts Raju Thakali Fupu of Naulo Bihani
    (New Morning) - the contact person Indira gave us
  • Raju comes to our hotel room (on his scooter)
    around 10:30AM
  • Steve and Jose tell Raju that they want to meet
    pastors and Christian leaders and give them a
    copy of the "ex-gay" paper in Nepali (which paper
    they show Raju a copy)
  • Raju is able to spend the day with us taking us
  • Jose and Raju do a Google search of churches
    in the Pokhara area while Steve goes and photo
    copies the "ex-gay" paper (in Nepali) and rents a
  • Jose rides on the back of Raju's scooter, Steve
  • To photo copy to pick up copies (introduce
    "husband and husband")
  • To the director and staff worker of a
    major Christian organization - meet at
    length, give paper, generally sympathetic
    (first time to meet a gay Christian)
  • To the director of a second major
    Christian organization (as well as leader
    within his church - a major church); listens
    to story with an open attitude, receives
    paper, (first time to meet a gay Christian)
  • To lunch - phone a pastor who is too
    busy to meet but agrees to receive the
    paper via email and gives us email
  • To the Catholic church and speak with
    the Father who receives the paper (and
    asks if there is a copy in English)
  • Phone another pastor who agrees to
    meet Steve and Jose later at their hotel
  • To the offices of Raju - tour facilities and
    meet about four staff people
  • Steve and Jose return on scooter to their hotel at
    Lake Side and meet the pastor who agreed to
    meet there
  • Steve and Jose take the pastor to Temple Tree
    Hotel; order soft drinks and talk; pastor says he
    had a professor in seminary who taught that
    LGBT people should be accepted as they are;
    was interested in our mission
  • Steve and Jose end the day on the scooter going
    to the far end of Lake Side; enjoy the view along
    the lake; meet three Muslim young men from
    Bangladesh ("husband and husband") and take
    pictures together
  • Return scooter by 7:00PM; go to a Chinese
    restaurant for dinner; retire early; very tired

  • Steve and Jose take the full day OFF (and only about
    three times mention to anyone that they are "husband
    and husband") - A FANTASTIC DAY:  Getting a boat
    (skipping breakfast at the hotel and Jose getting a
    coffee on the way) at 7:00AM (canoe with a flat
    bottom); we spend the whole day on the lake and
    return at 6:00PM
  • Early part of day - take pictures of the
    Himalayans; hike to an overview (mountains
    become overcast late morning); canoe to a
    waterfall - hike to it and refresh ourselves (nude)
    under the falls; to end of lake - cross over to
    north side of lake (which gets all the sun
    constantly), arrive at Sams Restaurant just
    before noon; eat and rest until just after 3:00PM;
    return to south side of lake and swim; return boat
    rental via the temple site island (where we
    docked and viewed a bit)
  • Returning from boat rental, Steve and Jose have dinner
    at Lake View Resort with live traditional Nepali music
    and dress; spend the evening relaxing; return to hotel
    and retire by 11:00PM

Airport and
departure to USA
  • Steve up at 5:00AM and Jose up at 5:30AM; Steve
    downloads two days of pictures and writes in log for
    Monday; Steve and Jose enjoy morning view of
    Annapurna and Fishtail from room (while Steve logs)
    and sunrise from rooftop
  • Jose introduces Other Sheep to two male tourists
    from Manila who are staying in the room across the
  • Steve and Jose have breakfast in their room (and take
    in the view as the peaks are becoming more and more
  • Taxi to airport around 8:30AM; board plane for
    Kathmandu around 10:00AM (about a 30 mins late
    departure); arrive in Kathmandu around 10:30AM and
    taxi to restaurant in Tuku for 11:30AM meeting with
  • 11:30 luncheon with Kathmandu area pastors and
    lay leaders
  • Four pastors attend, all from different churches
  • One lay leader attends with one of the pastors
  • Three gay Christians are present (two from
    Kathmandu, one from another major town who
    bused in the day before); all three tell their story
    to the pastors
  • Other attendees:  Umesh P. of Blue Diamond (a
    Buddhist) and a sympathetic news reporter
  • Pastors ask questions; one pastor introduces the
    ides of a future full-day workshop
  • Indira not able to attend - in a Pokhara hospital
    being treated for a viral infection (she texts Jose
    early in the day; Jose and her text at end of day
    for updates on meeting and her medical
  • Jose goes to ATM for cash while Steve waits at
  • Steve and Jose and Umesh P. go to International Hostel
    in Thamel where luggage is in storage
  • Steve repacks all the suitcases while Umesh
    watches and rests; Jose takes care of final
    payments; goes to Internet and does search on
    lodging, lounge at Doha airport
  • About 5:30PM Steve and Jose go to Kathmandu
    International airport; eat at Thai restaurant there; flight
    takes off ahead of schedule - plane pulls away from
    boarding area shortly after 8:00PM
  • Arrive in Doha four and 1/2 hours later - still Sept. 1
    (Doha time; but just after midnight for Nepali time)
  • Through security; check out lounge in airport; Steve
    leaves attaché at security area; returns and finds it
  • Around midnight, Jose and Steve pay to enter lounge
    area where they stay until 6:00AM
Day 1

  • Steve and Jose snack in lounge; Steve starts on log but
    falls a sleep; Steve wakes around 3:00AM, does
    Thursday log and Tuesday log (using notes from report
    sent Indira on Tuesday's meetings with pastors and
  • Jose sleeps as well and then writes in the journal his
    impressions of their time in Nepal
  • Steve and Jose board plane to USA around 7:30;
    plane's departure is delayed for one hour; Steve and
    Jose arrive in NYC at 4:00PM and arrive in their home,
    by taxi, between 5:30 and 6:00PM
Visits to this web page since August 21, 2011:
This web page (log entries) was completed in the (pay) lounge of
the Doha International airport on September 2, 2011

Photos and minor changes and additions were made on
September 5, 2011
This web page was created over a period of time, entries being
entered into the log almost daily.
This web page was first published on August 21, 2011, from
Kathmandu HI Thamel Hostel, Rom 204,
Chibhal,Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.
on the second day of the two-day holiday of
Krishna Janmashtami,
Photo at left:
Jose with Umesh P. of Blue
Diamond Society
August 18, 2011
Thamel, Kathmandu
Photo at left:  
Steve and Jose from a roof top
restaurant at
Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square
August 20, 2011
Jose Ortiz (far right)
at Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square
KathmanduAugust 18, 2011
In the above photo:  After introducing himself and Steve as
"husband and husband," Jose Ortiz responds to comments
from the general public at Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square.
Photos at left and below:
Umesh (at left) walking
with Jose to a family
birthday party where
(below) he dresses in
drag and performs
August 21, 2011
At left:  Steve prints out first
printing (with the help of
Internet cafe owner) of the
Nepali translation of the
"ex-gay" paper
August 20, 2011
Thamel, Kathmandu
At right:  The table
where Steve and Jose,
by phone, were told the
translation is excellent;
Below: The restaurant.
August 21, 2011
August 23, 2011
August 23, 2011
Travel by bus from
Kathmandu to
August 25, 2011
Photo at Left:
Steve and Jose
celebrate their 3rd
anniversay with a
bear and fries on
the balcony of their
Chitwan hotel,
August 25, 2011
Chitwan, Nepal
Photos at left and
Jose (at left) is texting
our contact person
regarding afternoon
events. Steve and
Jose (below) at an
activist event.
August 26, 2011
Chitwan (at left) and
Narayanghat (below)
At left:  Steve and Jose
ride from Sauraha to the
bus stand for
Narayanghat; in
Narayanghat Steve will
speak at a church service.
August 27, 2011
At left:
Following the
church meeting,
Steve and Jose
have a small
lunch in the home
of a Christian
August 27, 2011
At left:
A huge pot of rice,
part of the holiday
celebration and
party at an LGBT
activist center,
August 27, 2011
A motorcycle is burnt in
demonstration of anger
over a shooting and
killing in Narayanghat,
August 27, 2011
At left:
Steve and Jose
return to Sauraha
from Narayanghat
on the roof of a
public bus,
August 27,2011

Steve & Jose's Other Sheep
Asia 2011 Ministry
India, Singapore and Nepal

Table of Index
Back at Sauraha, Steve
and Jose enjoy the sunset
August 27, 2011
At left and below:
Enjoying the day at
Sauraha, Chitwan, Nepal.
Watching the elephants
August 28, 2011
At left and below:
Some of the people with
whom, throughout the day,
we introduced ourselves
as "husband and
August 28, 2011
Sauraha, Chitwan
Raju Thakali Fupu of
Naulo Bihani with
Steve (
top photo) and
with Jose on bike
middle and bottom
August 30, 2011,
Pokhara, Nepal
Photos above, at
left and below

A full, wonderful,
beautiful day off in
Pokhara, Nepal.

Our last full day in

August 31, 2011
Photos above
and at left:

A full, wonderful,
beautiful day off in
Pokhara, Nepal.

Our last full day in

August 31, 2011

India (Index Page)
July 2 - August 12, 2011

Daily Logs:

Major Events:
  • Young Lay Leaders Conference
  • Day 2 - Jose presents
    psychological dynamics of
    church bias towards
    sexual minorities
  • Day 3 - Future projects


Singapore (Index Page)
August 13 -16, 2011

Daily Log:

Major Events:
  • Steve & Jose present "Is There
    Such a Thing as 'Ex-gay'?"
  • Steve & Jose present a
    Powerpoint on their India 2011




Rev. Oyoung:

Nepal (Index Page)
August 17 - September 1, 2011

Daily Logs:

Major Events:
  • "Putting a Face on
    Homosexuality" - Meeting with
    area pastors


Nepal Evaluation Report:

Above two photos:
The luncheon for Chrstian leaders to
meet and speak with gay Nepali
September 1, 2011
Tuku, Kathmandu
Photo below:
A chance meeting up with Umesh P. in
the streets of Kathmandu immediately
after a very difficult meeting with local
August 24, 2011
Photos at left
and below:
View of Fishtail
Mountain from the
window of our
hotel room.
September 1,