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Steve and Jose
NEPAL 2011
August 17 - Sept. 2, 2011
Steve & Jose: Asia 2011: INDIA - SINGAPORE - NEPAL
Jose Ortiz Comments on Other Sheep’s 2011
Visit to Nepal:
Putting a face on gay-and-Christian in Nepal
Our community – gay Christians – exist in Nepal in the shadows, camouflaging and hiding in
plain sight within the Christian community. They cannot say openly, before pastors and lay people alike, who
they are for fear of being misunderstood, condemned, and even ostracized.

I am hopeful that because we live in an age where access to divergent ideas is easily accessible either by
internet or by visits like ours through the wonder of jet planes, that the Protestant church in Nepal – actually
historically quite young – will consider the situation of gay believers sooner in its history than the evangelical
church has in the West. I expressed this hope to some pastors at a luncheon we sponsored on our last day in
Nepal in a restaurant in Kathmandu.  

Actually, throughout our time in Nepal, with the help of networking activists (both Christian and non-Christian),
we were meeting pastors and religious leaders and putting a face on the faceless topic of the gay Christian by
telling our story in one-on-one private meetings and by giving out complimentary copies of Steve’s story in
Nepali (a critique of “ex-gay” ministries).  And we did just that at our Kathmandu luncheon for three pastors
and one church staff member as they listened – not to us – but to three gay Nepali Christians and one gay
Nepali Buddhist speak – on our last day in Nepal.

But not just in Kathmandu. Because of the planning and facilitation and contacts of our Nepal coordinator,
Steve and I were able to step into situations where we put a face on this matter of gay and Christian for
several pastors, directors and lay Christians in the three regions of Nepal which we visited, including

In one region outside of Kathmandu, we met, worshipped with and collaborated with a Nepali Christian who is
active in helping the LGBTI community in Nepal through his job with Blue Diamond Society and who is a
committed lay leader in his church.  After Steve spoke briefly on LGBT inclusion to his church during a
morning worship service, the pastor, his wife and the activist met with us privately. In our meeting with this
activist’s pastor, we heard the pastor say he had never met a Christian gay couple. He was being faced with
the reality of gay Christians for the first time.

In another region of Nepal, we met with a straight Christian ally and his supervisor at their place of work, a
Christian organization that provides for the humanitarian needs of Nepalese.  The straight Christian ally,
working with the Christian churches of Nepal, dedicates himself to HIV prevention.  His supervisor told us,
after a while into our conversation, that he had never met a Christian who had revealed that he/she was

Later, we spoke with another director of a large, national Christian organization who also said it was the first
time he met Christians who told him they were gay.

In each of the three regions we visited, there was at least one pastor who told us that this was the first time for
him to meet an openly gay Christian.

Unfortunately, in our talks with our LGBT allies, we were told how some gay individuals, who because of their
mannerism were labeled as gay by the Christian community in such a way that other gays who do not raise
suspicion (and there are many we were told) would look on in fear as those who are “obvious” are talked
about and obliged to conform or, at times, denied membership in the Christian community.

Reports like these indicate how important it is to put a face on homosexuality before the Christian church in
Nepal.  Through the strategic help of both Christian and non-Christian activists, Steve and I were able to raise
the gay-and-Christian issue in a personal, meaningful way for the first time ever with some pastors and
Christian leaders.  In doing so, we encountered great interest.  

Perhaps a serious discussion has been ignited in Nepal so that more and more pastors will have familiarity,
exposure and information on the other view concerning the “other” Christians – the gay ones – God’s other
sheep. I hope they will see that  we “other” sheep are not really other at all, but rather we are an integral part
of all God’s sheep . . . even among the flock in Nepal.
Jose Ortiz Comments on Other Sheep’s 2011 Visit to Nepal:  
Putting a face on gay-and-Christian in Nepal
By Mr. Jose Ortiz and Rev. Steve Parelli
September 6, 2011
Bronx, New York
Editor's Note:  Rev Steve Parelli and Mr. Jose Ortiz,
Other Sheep Executive Director and Coordinator for
Asia respectively, visited Nepal, for the second time,
from August 17 - September 1, 2001.  Their first visit to
Nepal was in 2009.
This web page was created in and published from the
Bronx, New York, on September 7, 2011

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Photo at left:
Jose Ortiz (in the far right of photo), Other Sheep
Coordinator for Asia, speaking with young men about
his sexual orientation and his same-sex marriage at the
public square of Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square
Kathmandu, Nepal, August 18, 2011.
Jose Ortiz
of Other
In the following writing, Jose expresses his thoughts and relates his experiences; essentially the words used are his own;
however, the order and arrangement of the writing, including transitions, some editing and content, is contributed by Steve

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