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Steve and Jose
INDIA 2011
July 2  - August 12, 2011
Steve & Jose: Asia 2011: INDIA - SINGAPORE - NEPAL
Trivandrum, Kerala, Log of Events
July 2 - 18, 2011
Note:  "Happenings" in BOLD indicate Other Sheep meetings and appointments or general contact
Day and Place
Jun 30
  • We fly out of NYC on an A 380-200 Emirates airplane.  A
    380-200, we are told, is the largest commercial airplane
Jul 1
Jul 2
  • We arrive from Dubai in Trivandrum, Kerala, India, around
    9:00AM.  R. S. Ajith of TTF (Trivandrum Theological
    Forum) meets us at the airport and takes us to the YMCA
    to view a possible room.  We decide to stay at Classic Ave
    Hotel where we stayed last year.
  • We spend the day setting up and resting
  • In the evening, Ajith, Secretary of TTF, and Sam Sone,
    Chairperson of TTF, meet with us in our hotel room to
    discuss the upcoming events
Jul 3
  • We rise about 9:30AM.  We do not attend a church
  • We spend the day working Other Sheep in our hotel room
  • Around 4:30PM, Ajith, Sam and Sam's son (the driver)
    meet us at the hotel to take us out for the evening
  • We visit the Kovalam beaches
  • We snack at an area restaurant and discuss
    how where to distribute the 1000 copies of the
    book TCAF in Malayalam
  • We view an ancient Mosque by the sea
  • We observe an Hindu festival
Jul 4
  • We rise slightly earlier.
  • Jose studies for his presentation on Thursday
  • Steve works on the Other Sheep website
  • In the evening, we meet with the following individuals on
    the roof/pool area of the Classic Ave Hotel; TCAF
    translation is hot off the press - they bring a few copies
    to show us
  • Sam Sone and R.S.Ajith of TTF
  • Rev. D. L. Paulson, Pastor, Church of South
  • D. Mano, Guest Lecturer in Tamil, University of
Jul 5
  • Retired around 4:00AM.  Steve created a web page and an
    eNews on the new Malayalam publication (TCAF)
  • We rise around 10:00AM  Buffet breakfast (included)
  • Ate with a Sikh from northern India
  • 12:30PM - Lunch with R.S.Ajith and a lady friend and her
  • 3:00PM - Counsel a local closeted gay Christian
  • 5:30PM - Travel with Ajith to the Ghosh resident and meet
    with the following persons to discuss a gay and lesbian
    organisation for South India; a first draft
    paper/proposal by a TTF associate was presented for
  • R.S. Ajith and Sam Sone
  • Sanjeeva Ghosh (husband)
  • Jayasree Ghosh (wife)
  • 9:30PM - Return to hotel and . . .
  • Get a bit to eat in the restaurant
  • Send out eNews
Jul 6
  • Steve spent the morning creating and sending out an
    eNews on updates on Lings, Bigelow and Dobson (Europe,
    Latinos/as USA, and Thailand)
  • Indian English teacher invites us to speak to his English
    class next Monday
  • Steve spent rest of day writing an outline to his paper;
    preparing a PowerPoint; making 50 copies of each four
    papers and outline (for tomorrow's TTF conference)
  • Jose spent day finishing the writing of his paper
  • Ajith and Sam stop by at hotel to make plans for our
    transportation to tomorrow's conference
  • Up into the morning hours finishing preparations
Jul 7
  • Travel to conference grounds situated in Kerala on the
    boarder of Tamil Nadu
  • First Day of Conference
  • Steve speaks at conference
  • The TTF publication of The Children Are Free in
    Malayalm is unveiled
  • Steve writes News Report on his presentation
Jul 8
  • Second Day of Conferenece
  • Jose speaks at conference
Jul 9
  • Third Day of Conference (1/2 day)
  • Steve and Jose meet with Rev. Dr. David Joy and
    Ajith and discuss plans for next year
  • Return to Trivandrum (with Dr. David Joy) to our hotel
  • We meet with English teacher at hotel and two of his
    family members to firm up Monday's meeting
  • Two pentecostals come to our hotel to meet us
Jul 10
  • Spend the day doing website, articles.  We do not attend
  • In the morning, check out other hotels (on site) but decide
    to stay at Classic Hotel (costs more but the value is worth it)
  • In the evening, Ajith brings 600 copies of the
    Malayalam book (TCAF) to our hotel; we walk with Ajith to
    the temple site (now in the news as the richest temple in
    the world)
Jul 11
  • Travel about an hour and 1/2 by bus to a location out of
    Trivandrum to speak  to an English language class
    about homosexuality
  • Lunch in the home of the English teacher prepared by
    his wife - return late afternoon
  • Work on building web pages and eNews
Jul 12
  • Publish web pages and send out eNews (News Release)
  • Make photo copies of book announcement (title page,
    forward, acknowledgement, table of content, and contact
    info) for distribution
  • In the evening, go to Kerala University student center
    (only a few students); Meet Sam and Ajith there (briefly);
    Walk to Kerala University Hostel (men's university
    dorm) - stand outside dorm and distribute handout on the
    book publication - about two hours (lots of students) ; two
    students take interest in sponsoring a public meeting
  • Jose and Steve stay up until 5:00am in the morning visiting
    with four Indian guests in the hotel - a cultural exchange
Jul 13
  • Wake and rise late morning.
  • Around 1:00 PM went to Kerala United Theological
    Seminary and distributed the Malayalam book, NEWS
    RELEASE and new book announcement handouts to
    students; Met with the acting principal.
  • Went to The Hindu press
  • Evening - interview with M. G, Radhakrishnan, The
    India Today Group magazine
Jul 14
  • Take breakfast in the room (too early for hotel restaurant)
  • Take bus to a city (name withheld) in Tamil Nadu
  • Visit with four religious leaders (names withheld)
    of a Christian organization (name withheld) - This
    visit was by invitation; English copies of TCAF were
    left and papers by Steve Parelli
  • Visit the local CSI diocesan office (town withheld) and
    leave liturature for the bishop
  • Receptionist says he saw the New Release we
    presented him circulated on the Internet
  • On return trip we stop at a Christian university (name
    withheld) and distribute 300 copies of the NEWS RELEASE
    to college students
  • We return around 5:30pm; go for a milk-shake
  • Return to hotel and swim
  • Meet with Sam and Ajith (TTF) to discuss distribution of
    books in other towns/cities in Kerala
  • Talk (by phone) with the two Kerala University students
    who are planning the college-meeting event
Jul 15
  • At 7:00 AM met with two students from Kerala
    University in our hotel to finalize plans for Monday's
    public meeting
Jul 16
Jul 17
Jul 18
  • Create PowerPoint for tonight's meeting
  • Photo copy handouts for tonight's meeting
  • 5PM Kerala University students' meeting
Jul 19
  • Leave Trivandrum, Kerala for Kottayam, Kerala
For our final 11  days in Kerala
(Kottayam and further north),
click here
Group of photos: Beaches at
Kovalam, Kerala, India. Sunday, July
3, 2011

Photos clockwise:  Top photo -
Steve Parelli (left) and Jose Ortiz
(right); right photo - Jose Ortiz (left)
with Ebbie (right); left photo - Sam
Sone (left) with Ajith
Sunset at Kovalam, Kerala, India.  July 3, 2011
Kovalam, Kerala, India.  July 3, 2011
TCAF translation, hot off
the press!
Sam Sone of TTF
Trivandrum, Kerala
July 4, 2011.
Above: In the Ghosh home to discuss a possible gay and
lesbian organisation for South India. A first draft paper/proposal
by a TTF associate was presented for

Left to right, Top row:  R.S. Ajith and Sam Sone
Seated:  Jose Ortiz, Sanjeeva Ghosh (husband)
Jayasree Ghosh (wife)
Trivandrum, Kerala
Tuesday, July 5, 2011.
Jose Ortiz in our hotel
room in Trivandrum,
Kerala speaking with
an individual who self
identified as gay and
Christian and was
seeking help in
understanding himself
as such.
Group of photos:  
TTF Young Lay Leaders
Conference, Kerala,
India, July 7-9, 2011
Journalist/Activist Mr. Varghese (center) with
Jose Ortiz (left) and Steve Parelli (right)
At left:  Jose Ortiz with
600 copies of the book
The Children Are Free in
the language of
Malayalam.  Steve and
Jose distribute these
600 copies throughout
Kerala in the days
following this photo
At left:  A guest in
a home in the
Trivandrum area,
Steve Parelli eats
off of a bananna
leaf, commonly
used as  plate.
Students at the campus
of Kerala University
where Steve and Jose
handed out flyers on the
book TCAF in
students organized a
seminar on the
interfacing of religion and
Photo at right:
M.G. Radhakrishnan, Associate
Editor with The India Today Group.  At  
the Other Sheep seminar for Kerala  
University Students, Trivandrum,
Kerala, July 18, 2011
All photos are posted on this site by
permission from the individual(s) in the

Steve & Jose's Other Sheep
Asia 2011 Ministry
India, Singapore and Nepal

Table of Index

India (Index Page)
July 2 - August 12, 2011

Daily Logs:

Major Events:
  • Young Lay Leaders Conference
  • Day 2 - Jose presents
    psychological dynamics of
    church bias towards
    sexual minorities
  • Day 3 - Future projects


Singapore (Index Page)
August 13 -16, 2011

Daily Log:

Major Events:
  • Steve & Jose present "Is There
    Such a Thing as 'Ex-gay'?"
  • Steve & Jose present a
    Powerpoint on their India 2011




Rev. Oyoung:

Nepal (Index Page)
August 17 - September 1, 2011

Daily Logs:

Major Events:
  • "Putting a Face on
    Homosexuality" - Meeting with
    area pastors


Nepal Evaluation Report:

Three photos below:  Sree
Padmanabhaswamy Temple
Trivandrum - A simple walk of about
10-15 minutes from our hotel.
Above photo:  Ornamentation situated along
the roof top of one of the many Hindu
temples in Trivandrum, Kerala, India
The log on this web page was created
somewhat day-by-day as the events occurred
and was published while still in India.

Photos were added to this web page in
December of 2011

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