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   About Other Sheep
Multicultural Ministries with Sexual Minorities


    Other Sheep - Multicultural Ministries with Sexual Minorities is a leading worldwide ecumenical
    Christian organization dedicated to empowering sexual minorities throughout the world with
    the Good News of God's unconditional love for all and salvation through God's Son, Jesus
    Christ. With other LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender) activists throughout the world,
    we recognize that ideological fundamentalism in various religions, especially Christianity,
    Judaism and Islam, constitutes a major obstacle to justice for our people. Consequently, within
    the International Lesbian and Gay Association, Other Sheep pioneered the establishment of
    the ILGA Working Party on Homophobia, Ideology and Religion.


    Founded in 1992, Other Sheep is at present mostly a volunteer, non-profit (501.c.3)
    organization, and with offices is in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), and New York City. Although a
    small organization, its scope is international, with special emphasis on Latin America and
    current work in East Africa, Nepal and India, and with contacts/correspondents in Thailand,
    Malaysia, Singapore, China and Hong Kong.


    Other Sheep is particularly, although not exclusively, directed to serving in geographical
    areas where information and organizations are still relatively scarce.

    To share the good news that God loves all people and calls us into inclusive

    To provide programs, support, and counseling that build self-esteem and wholeness,
    capacity to love and the freedom to participate fully in religious and community life;

    To network with and equip those who seek to challenge existing prejudices and
    discriminatory practices, especially in the areas of theological and pastoral training,
    human and civil rights, and HIV/AIDS prevention and care.


    We direct ourselves:

    1. To the sexually diverse population who suffer prejudice, marginalization and a sense of
    inferiority, if not outright rejection, from the Christian churches because of the churches'
    attitudes, which they have internalized. As a result, most lesbians and gays reject not only the
    churches but God as well, whom they see as the cause of their problems.

    2. To the Christian churches which, because of their homophobic sexual ideologies and
    pastoral policies, harm the spiritual well-being and deny the human rights of the non-
    heterosexual population. We advocate sexual diversity as normal, rather than as a perversion
    of nature.


    Other Sheep works on many levels, both internationally and locally. Its international ministry
    activities include the following:

    1. A team of biblical and theological scholars, including our founder, Rev. Dr. Tom Hanks,
    write and teach in Spanish and English on the subject of sexuality in the Bible.

    2. We provide positive material related to sexual diversity, the Bible and Christian life to 74
    resource centers throughout the world, including five in Africa and 58 in the 33 largest cities
    of Latin America. We seek to collect relevant materials (articles, books, videos) in English,
    Spanish, Portuguese, German and French and make them available to our resource centers,
    on our websites, and on request. This often involves translation of materials from English into
    Spanish and vice versa. Our hope is to greatly expand our contacts and work in Africa, and a
    volunteer coordinator for this is needed.

    3. We work with existing lgbt Christian ministries in Latin America and actively pursue the
    development of new ones, particularly in cities where they do not currently exist, through
    mission trips and communication via telephone and e-mail.

    4. We are very active in seeking out and mentoring men and women who feel a call to ministry
    but are not able to fulfill that call in their own denomination or who feel a call to work in
    ministry to the sexually diverse population.

    5. We also join forces with lgbt human rights groups (often ILGA affiliates) in the struggle to
    obtain equal human rights for sexual minorities in a variety of countries.

    6. Other Sheep has two Websites, one bilingual and academic in nature and one in Spanish
    which is pastoral in approach. The latter especially provides the opportunity for counseling
    with people from all over Latin America and Spain who experience conflict between their faith
    and their sexual orientation.

    7. On an institutional level, we network with other like-minded people and organizations on an
    international, national and local basis.

    In the United States, because of its ecumenical approach, Other Sheep offers the opportunity
    to form a coalescing organization at the local level by bringing together sexual minorities from
    the various denominational lgbt groups to support campaigns for equal human rights, sponsor
    weekend appearances of nationally-known lgbt speakers and carry out other activities which
    smaller groups alone could not achieve. This in fact has been done in St. Louis, Missouri and
    Evansville, Indiana


    Why multicultural ministries with sexual minorities?

    Networking over critical issues produces creative responses. Events such as the founding of
    Metropolitan Community Church (1968) and Stonewall (New York, 1969) sparked the
    establishment of affirming movements for us that sustain a liberation movement and solidarity
    in many denominations. What might spreading the news of these and other triumphs in
    human rights, and the AIDS struggle, inspire for those in remote areas and situations?

    "We are everywhere." Gifted leaders in countries with emerging movements espousing
    freedom and justice for sexual minorities need the encouragement of affirming, life-saving
    print and media resources that we in the First World take for granted. Our first privilege and
    responsibility is to listen, but the work of human liberation will escalate across the world when
    we share our "First World economic and information privilege" and empower others.

    No single nation or culture can pretend to have a monopoly on the best insights, experiences
    and answers for advancing the liberation of sexual minorities. International networking can
    hasten the spread of solutions to oppression and AIDS to and from any corner of the globe.


    www.othersheep.org (academic)
    www.otrasovejas.org (español - pastoral)
    www.fundotrasovejas.org.ar (Other Sheep Foundation, Argentina)
    www.othersheepexecsite.com (Executive Director)
    www.othersheep.org/Other_Sheep_East_Africa  (East Africa)


    Member of ILGA (International Lesbian and Gay Association)

OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS  CLICK HERE (Contact Us) for email addresses and photos

                      Rev. Evlyn W. Fulton and Gordon I. Herzog, Co-Chairs

Very Rev. J. C. Michael Allen, DD                  Rev. Priscilla Allen
Margaret P. Atkins                                         Rev. Jeff Bessler
Rev. Rachael Brown                                      Barry Cramer
Shelley Dugan                                               Suzanne Doyle
Rev. Robert Hensley                                     Jose Hernandez
Jose Ortiz                                                      Kathy Probst

OUR STAFF  CLICK HERE (Contact Us) for email addresses and photos

CLICK HERE (Contact Us) for photo and email addresses of Coordinators



    Rev. Jerry Cleator, OP                    Bernal Esquivel (Costa Rica)
    Fernando Frontan (Uruguay)          Rev. Dr. Janet May (Costa Rica)
    Rev. Dr. Roy May (Costa Rica)       Marco Antonio Morales (Mexico)
    Dr. Luiz Mott (Brazil)                        André S. Musskopf (Brazil)
    Rev. Lisandro Orlov (Argentina)     Raimundo Pereira (Brazil)
    Alejandra Sardá (Argentina)           Rebeca Sevilla (Peru)
                               Elsa Tamez, PhD (Costa Rica)

    John P. Doner, Latin America Coordinator
    Sinaloa 199-1 / 06700 Mexico, D. F. / MEXICO
    Phone/Fax (52-55) 5553-2103 / jpdoner@othersheep.org

    Sub-regional Coordinators
     Mexico - Marco Morales
     Central America - Bernal Esquivel
     South America - Victor Bracuto


    George Gonzi (France)                  Renato Lings (Denmark/England)
    Timothy Spiers (England)               Elizabeth Stuart, D.Phil. (England)
                               Bruce Williams, O.P. (Rome)

    AFRICA (non-English speaking Africa) - ASIA - USA LATINOS

 AFRICA (English speaking Africa)

                             Sub-regional Coordinators
     East Africa - Rev. Michael Kimindu
     Kenya - Rev. John Makokha

LIAISON  CLICK HERE (Contact Us) for photo and email address of Liaison Person

                      Rev. Frederic Guyott, III, Liaison Person


    Ariel Barrios-Medina, PhD (Argentina) - ariel@wamani.apc.org
    Cleveland Evans, PhD (USA) – cevans@scholars.bellevue.edu
    Armando Hernández, MD (Mexico) - fratgalee@LatinMail.com

                            “I have other sheep....I must bring them also
              and they will listen to my voice.
      So there will be one flock, one shepherd.”
                              John 10.6
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"I have other sheep that are not of this
fold.  I must bring them in also."  
John 10:16

About Other Sheep
Multicultural Ministries with Sexual Minorities
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"I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold.  I must bring them also."  
John 10:16 NRSV
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